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ファマ村 Fama Mura (Fama Village)
Farm Town

FarmTown is a location that appears in Breath of Fire II. It is an agricultural community that serves as the home of the Shell Clan.



Having cleared the Fog Valley of fog, the party comes across a little reclusive town which is home to the people of the Shell Clan. The people of FarmTown share a separate life from the world around them. Unlike the rest of the world the town remains untouched by the uprising teachings of St. Eva, and instead worship St. Namanda.

When Ryu finds his way to FarmTown he comes across the home of Rand's mother Daisy who is chasing away a representative of the church of St. Eva who came to her to ask if he could build a church on her land. She declines and chases him away. The party chases her inside and upon seeing Rand, gives him a beating. Daisy then orders the party to clear the field. After doing battle in the field, Daisy asks that the group travel west to Namanda to pray for a good harvest.

Return from Namanda[]

The party comes back to find Daisy gone and the Paladin from before standing in her field. After Rand fights him alone and hears from the man that his mother agreed finally and has gone to join the Grand Church he refuses to believe this. The group now needs a way to fly. Out of ideas, the party heads back to TownShip where Katt points out that Nina might have something to say. Nina reveals that she knows where the power of the Great Bird is, and urges the party to WindiaFt.



  • HelpBL Upstairs in the dressers of the north room of the Inn.
  • Gold Upstairs in the dressers of the left house.
  • Plate in the shelves of Daisy's room.



If you were to noclip past the fence, some pigs in the pen say "You!" while others including the Farmtown citizen give the default unassigned chat string: the game's build time: "October 10th, 5:00 o'clock version!". Typically inaccessible NPCs give the default unassigned chat string so some pigs saying "You!" is very unusual.

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