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水神のほこら Mizu Kami No Hokora (Small Shrine of the God of Water)
Shikk Region; Eastern Continent
"Thou seekest my blessing? Very well. Thou shalt have it. Once thou walk the whaleroad, seek us out. We shall give you another blessing thenm young dragon. We dwell in the wild deep places, those protected by hard rock and stone. Bend your sails there, and thou shalt find us."
Hae Ryong

Fane is a location in the Shikk Region of the Eastern Continent in Breath of Fire IV.

Fane is a small collection of rocky outcrops and the location of the Shrine of the Sea God. Because of this, it is considered to be a sacred place by the sailors of the nearby town, Shikk. The sanctuary is situated inside a cave at the end.

Small wooden planks connect the various platforms the traveler needs to cross. Corals and other maritime lifeforms can be seen along the way. The gentle sound of the waves and the salty breezy accompany him on his journey. Beware though, weary traveler, your fight might get wet as you proceed on your journey.


Party Hae Ryong

Meeting the Sea God.

Their passage initially blocked by a sailor, Ryu and the party gain access to this location after saying they want to receive the blessing of the Sea God. After crossing several planks and platforms, they eventually enter a cave. Making their way forward, they eventually manage to find the Wave Stone at the end of the cavern.

This allows Ryu to meet the Sea God, who is actually the Endless Hae Ryong. He is still worshipped, despite the lessening of his powers due to the passage of time.

He gives them his blessing in the form of the Salt Stone and tells them to seek him out again on the whaleroad in order to receive another blessing.


Item Location
Hanger (x5) First screen,downstairs to lower level, straight along the path leading back to the entrance, inside chest
Ammonia (x2) First screen, upper level, along path, inside bag
Wetsuit Linear path at the end of the cavern, right room next to room containing Wave Stone
Wave Stone End of the cavern, room to the left
Salt Stone Given to the pary by Hae Ryong at the end of the dungeon


Mud Pup
Bad Coil


  • The NPC at the entrance mentions that there is an old superstition that going to the sea without the Sea God's blessing ends in destruction
  • The Bollor is the Rollob enemy, read from the end to the beginning. The inverse applies for Rollob and Bollor. They share the same sprite, albeit in different color
  • A fane is a religious building such as a church or shrine


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