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おばば Obaba (Grandma)

Esma is a non-playable character who appears in the original Breath of Fire. She lives in Dragnier, known as Drogen in this game, with the other members of the Light Dragon Clan

Role in Breath of Fire[]

At the beginning of the game, Esma wakes up Ryu and helps him escape from a burning buildings. After Sara is captured, Esma tells the villagers that it is too dangerous to try and rescue her and that The Warrior of the Dragon is just a myth. After she and the Chief send Ryu off, she stays in the main building of Drogen.

If the player talks to Esma after first leaving Drogen's main building, she allows the party to rest which fully restores HP and AP. This results in Esma essentially functioning as a free inn.


Esma displays some magical aptitude, although he confesses that her abilities have diminished over time. She was able to douse a small fire with magic, something she claimed she was only barely able to do, as well as protecting the main building of Drogen from any further damage. She potentially caused a building to shake merely by jumping, however, the shaking may have been caused at least in part by the fire damage that the building sustained.

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