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A video game's Ending (エンディング, ?) is a narrative device used in many games, including each of the titles in the Breath of Fire series. The ending consists of an automated sequence which begins once the player triggers a specific condition, such as defeating the game's final boss. It serves as a form of player reward and usually resolves the game's plot and provides the player with a sense of closure. It also includes a sequence where the game's development team is accredited. Some titles, such as Breath of Fire II, have multiple potential endings. In these cases, the ending which the player receives will be the result of specific plot-related decisions they had previously made. Once the ending has finished, the game is completed.


The song titles of the music played during the game's endings usually reflect their nature as the concluding moments of the game.

Game Music
Breath of Fire Great Achievement, True Ending
Breath of Fire II Thank You, Everyone
Breath of Fire III Pure Again (Japanese version)
Breath of Fire IV Yume no Sukoshi Ato (Japanese version)
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Castle・imitation (Japanese version)