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En Jhou
エン・ジュ En Ju
En Jhou
Paedra, Western Continent

En Jhou is a location that appears in Breath of Fire IV. It is a set of ruins inside the forest on Paedra peninsula. Nature has reclaimed much of the ruins as indicated by the vines and massive tree roots that ensnare the pyramidal ruins' interior. Various murals can be seen inside the pyramid and some walls have grown weak over the years. According to one of the residents of Chiqua, the guardian statues, which are partially in ruins, are linked to Koshka.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Ryu, Nina and the others travel to this optional place after hearing the request of Fu Chuman, a merchant in Chiqua. He promises to move the party to the imperial capital of Chedo, if they provide him with one of the following treasures - fish, Jar from Koshka or the Flawed Gem.

They head inside the pyramid, where they see a familiar face from Koshka, the old treasure hunter, who complains that the entire place has been raided already. The party does not give up and heads upstairs,where they spot a weird fissure in the wall. Ershin uses her head in finding a solution. Literally. The wall breaks and reveals the path into the innermost parts of the forest ruins.

Dragon crystal

The Flawed Gem on the altar.

They head further inside and down into the basement, where they find a path to the sanctum sanctorum, the holiest place of the entire pyramid. Inside, the party discovers the Flawed Gem resting on the chamber's alter. Roots grow around it, demonstrating how long it has been residing there.

Ryu has to take a tough decision now: is it really worth sacrificing such an important relic or should he find another means to satisfy Fu Chuman?


Item Location
Wisdom Seed (x3) Follow linear path, then head upstairs, follow tree root to get further up, inside chest to the left of the entrance to the hanging vines room
Warding Staff Use ladder into basement, jump down the ledges and use the right ledge to reach this chest
Magic Shard (x2) Basement of area, jump down to right side of pyramid, jump over gap and head downstairs to reach chest
Antidote (x3) hanging vine room, cut from above
Aurum hanging vine room, cut from above


Lizard Man


  • The Mutant Flawed Gem can be found inside the ruins. Upon acquisition, the text reads Earth Gem which is actually the one the player collected in Saldine containing Behemoth. The item description reads "neutral dragon crystal"
  • Use Ershin's headbutt field action on the second floor inside the ruins to advance
  • Use the tree root to get to the upper sections, enter door right to find 2 chests and two vials on vines. Cut those with Ryu's sword. 2 and 4 contain treasure, purple = poison front row, yellow = ??? effect


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