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EXP, short for Experience Points, but referred to as "EP" in the first Breath of Fire, is a stat in the Breath of Fire series which is a unit of measurement to quantify a character's progression in power. EXP dictates when characters level up, which will result in stat increases and sometimes acquiring abilities.

Gaining EXP[]

After all enemies are defeated in a battle, their EXP is shared across the party members that took part in the battle. Having multiple party members will reduce the amount of EXP each character obtains, however this is not reflected in the EXP reward shown at the end of battle, which only shows the total amount earned from that battle.

In the first Breath of Fire, all alive characters currently in the party get an equal share of experience, even if they were not used during the battle. In Breath of Fire II, only alive characters currently in the party and not left behind will gain experience.

Leveling up[]

When a character's EXP reaches a certain threshold, the character's Level is increased by 1, and the character's stats increase. This threshold is not visible in the original Breath of Fire, but is shown in each of the sequels, and it is retroactively added in the Game Boy Advance port of the original. More EXP is required to increase to higher levels, and stronger enemies typically provide higher amounts of EXP. This is both to reward the player for the presumably increased difficulty in defeating more powerful foes, and to encourage players to progress in the game rather than "grinding" by defeating the same enemies over and over again simply to increase their characters' levels.

EXP thresholds[]

In the first Breath of Fire, the EXP thresholds required to level up were arbitrarily set by developers for each level, and not determined by a formula. These thresholds result in strange level up rates. For example, Bleu levels up at a rapid pace compared to other characters before level 41, requiring only a total of 100,000 EP to reach level 41. As a result, it is common to see Bleu overtake other characters in becoming the highest leveled character up to that point. However, she must reach 200,000 EP to reach level 42, and requires roughly an additional 100,000 EXP for each level before level 46 in which she requires 634,000 EP in total, and then she levels up at a similar rate to other characters for the remaining levels.

Nina levels up at a slightly faster rate than characters other than Bleu. She requires 260,000 EP in total to reach level 46. Strangely, the total required EP is drastically higher for level 47 than 46, requiring 773,000 EP . Like Bleu, she levels up at a similar rate to other characters for the remaining levels.