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かれいど Kareido (Dry Well)

DryWell is a location that appears in Breath of Fire II. Once entered, the party cannot leave until the Terapin is defeated, and the game's plot will not advance until the story elements are resolved. After the Terapin's defeat, the area becomes unrevisitable.


When the party arrives in Capitan, they learn that the village's well has dried up. On top of that, a child has gotten lost in the well, and the search party sent to find him has not returned. When Ryu and his companions enter the well, he finds Ray, and a battle with a Creon ensues. After the fight, Ray tells the party he is searching for the lost villagers, and they decide to work together. Disagreeing with Ray incurs allegiance penalties to a maximum of -3 and you are forced to agree anyway; agreeing with Ray grants a +1 allegiance bonus.

Ray soon becomes occupied with another Creon, blocking the exit and forcing the party to continue deeper into the well. The party soon finds a cavern full of swimming turtles, which they must ride on the backs of to navigate the room. The missing child is on a small island at the far end of the room. When the party speaks with him, it prompts a boss fight with the Terapin. After the fight, the entire cave begins trembling as the well begins to refill, threatening to drown everyone still inside.

As the party leaves, they once more encounter Ray, who creates a magical barrier to block the oncoming water while the party searches for the lost villagers. As they explore the well, they find six villagers as well as some Creons. Some of the villagers can be rescued simply by speaking to them, but speaking to others reveals a Chiroru clamped onto their face, prompting a battle. During these battles, the party must be careful to only strike the Chiroru, as killing the Villagrs will result in that villager not being saved. The number of villagers you save determines the spell Ray teaches you and which carpenters you can choose from to build Township.


Immediately upon completing the events in DryWell, Ray notes his admiration of the party's actions and asks Ryu to take him to their headquarters. After bringing him back to Township, Ray offers to teach a spell to a party member of the player's choice.

  • If you rescued 4 or fewer villagers, he will teach the party member Cure 2.
  • If you rescued 5 or 6 villagers, he will teach the party member Renew.

Note that both Bow and Rand will eventually learn these spells naturally.

When the party later returns to Capitan to look for a carpenter, they will be presented with the following options:

  • The timber framing expert is always available
  • The Mughal-style expert is available if at least 3 villagers were rescued
  • The treehouse expert is available if at least 5 villagers were rescued


In the room with the turtles, there is a Van.Ext and a Charm. These chests are permanently missable.


Unlike most dungeon areas, there are no random encounters. They only enemies the player encounters are a number of Creons, the locations of which are predetermined.


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