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Drop is an enemy exclusive stat that appears throughout the Breath of Fire series that determines how likely an enemy is to drop an item after it is defeated. When this occurs, the party is notified upon the battle's completion, and the item is added to their inventory. In some games, this is the only way outside of hacking and glitching to acquire certain rare items.

While most of the games determine this stat via a flat percentage rate tied to that specific enemy, Breath of Fire III and IV both use more complex algorithms instead.

Role in Breath of Fire III & Breath of Fire IV[]

The drop rate is determined by a level from 0 to 7. Using Charm will raise the level by 1, but using it more than once is useless, since Charm can only raise the Drop stat by 1. Certain actions during the battle may also affect this level. For example: attacking Armor with physical attacks will "destroy" its armor (the drop rate is then set to 0), making it impossible to get the Gideon's Garb. Each enemy can only drop one single item.

Drop Rates
LV Drop Rate
0 0 (impossible)
1 1/256
2 1/128
3 1/64
4 1/32
5 1/8
6 1/2
7 1/1 (guaranteed)