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The Dragon Tear (竜のなみだ, Ryuu No Namida?) is a recurring item in the Breath of Fire series.

Breath of Fire II[]

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"The Dragon's Tear is an object that you always have. Its center lights up whenever approached by a different essence. Its colors are the key to the other's real intentions. This is where you can find out exactly what each color means."
— Description

The Dragon Tear is a special event item in Breath of Fire II. It is a silver pendant in the shape of a dragon, given to Valerie by her father before leaving Infinity for the surface world. Later on, when demons attacked Gate and Valerie "disappeared", the pendant was passed on to her first born son, Ryu. Since then the dragon tear has appeared in most of the games in various ways, such as Fou-Lu's accessory in Breath of Fire IV.

The Dragon Tear sometimes appears when talking to people next to the text box that appears at the bottom of the screen. When it is shown, the character's feelings towards Ryu are revealed by the color in the center of the Dragon Tear.

Color Description
Black (GBA)
Purple (SNES)
A color mostly reserved for Bosses, has feeling of pure hate for Ryu.
Dark Red Has very strong feelings of anger and hate towards Ryu.
Red Lack of trust in Ryu.
Orange Neutral about Ryu.
Yellow The generic color for villagers, mostly for kind people with good intents.
Yellow Green Trusting of Ryu, willing to help out.
Emerald Green Would go to great lengths to help Ryu.
Blue Green Would sacrifice themselves for Ryu.
Blue A very strong bond
Rainbow The highest form of friendship and trust between them and Ryu that can be formed.

Breath of Fire III[]

Dragon Tear is an antique item found in Breath of Fire III. It can be sold for 30000z.

Dragon Tear
Antique Can be sold for Zenny
Found Exploration

Breath of Fire IV[]

The Dragon Tear is an accessory that, when worn, makes the wielder completely immune to status aliments. It's Fou-Lu's initial accessory. Ryu's party can find it in Mukto and another one can be stolen from Fou-Lu during his duel with Ryu. it also sold by Manillo for 50 coupon.

Dragon Tear
Accessory Prevents aliments
Stolen Fou-Lu (Boss)
Dropped Fou-Lu (Boss)


  • The carvings in the walls in Dragnier in Breath of Fire III, and the shape of the Dragon God Ladon as you meet him as a master strongly resemble the shape of the Dragon tear in Breath of Fire II.