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Dragon Shrines are a type of location in the original Breath of Fire. They are small, single room structures that contain a statue of Ladon. These and the other Dragon God statues serve as the game's save points.

Role in Breath of Fire[]

The dragon shrines are monuments builty to honor Ladon, the deity of the Light Dragon Clan. Speaking to the statue will cause Ladon to appear, healing the party's HP and giving them the opportunity to save their progress. Dragon Shrines appear in most major cities, including those inhabited by other clans, such as Tantar and Wyndia. Additionally, statues of Ladon appear in many dungeons, these are often accompanies by freshwater springs which restore the party's HP.

Dragon Temples[]

In addition to the standard shrines, there are also four larger temples scattered throughout the world which allow Light Dragons to test themselves, thereby gaining access to new Dragon forms. A fifth structure, which is almost identical to the Dragon Temples, appears in Nanai, as the storage location of the Quake Control. If Ryu waits long enough in the building after stopping the machine, the voice of Myria will warn him that he should "Run while you can, for I am returning." It's possible that this building was originally a fifth Dragon Temple, which had since been re-purposed.


  • Temple containing the Drake forms: Located south of Tantar
  • Temple containing the Dragon forms: Located west of Gant, between the Hidden Fort and Nabal.
  • Temple containing the Rudra form: Located on the island northwest of Gust
  • Temple containing the Agni form: Located in Ease Cave.