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Dragon Clan
First appearance: Breath of Fire
Other appearances: Breath of Fire II
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Breath of Fire 6
Home: Dragnier
Leader(s): Ryu Rider (Breath of Fire II)
Jono (Breath of Fire III)

The Dragon Clan, alternatively known as Brood, is a race within the Breath of Fire series. The people of the dragon clan generally stay in human form, but have the ability to transform into dragons. Aside from a single exception, the various iterations Ryu, who serve as protagonists throughout the series, are from this clan. The dragon clan becomes less prominent as the series progresses chronologically, eventually reaching the point of near extinction in Breath of Fire III.


The Dragon Clan is widely recognized as being the most powerful species on the series' worlds. Although their combined might easily outclasses most living beings with power rivaling deities, they are typically shown as peace loving individuals, although some cases exist of more hostile and selfish Dragon Clan members but these are by far and lot not the norm.

Aware that if their power was misused it could bring ruin to the world, the Dragon Clan tends to live in seclusion, either by downright cutting contact with most of the world, or by renouncing their powers so as to coexist peacefully.

The Dragon Clan is the sworn enemy of the Goddess Myria, an ancient divine being who appears in different guises, but ultimately influencing the world negatively. Myria fears the Dragon Clan as their power rivals hers and their ability to potentially lay waste to all existence threatens her ability to control the world.

The Dragon God, Ladon, is the patron deity of the Dragon Clan.


Breath of Fire[]


Some 2,000 years before the events of the game, the Goddess Myria appeared and began offering to grant wishes to mortals. The Dragon Clan of that age warred amongst themselves for control of the Goddess's power, in the process causing terrible damage to the world - thus giving rise to the Dragons' dire reputation as agents of destruction, which is mentioned throughout the series. Although Myria was eventually sealed away, the Dragon Clan remained divided, and separated into two factions. One group, horrified at the devastation their war had wrought, chose to seal away their powers and live in peace, while a second faction preferred to continue using their abilities to further their own agendas. The former offshoot settled in Dragnier and became known as the Light Dragon Clan, while the latter group established themselves in Scande and became the Dark Dragon Clan.

When Breath of Fire begins, the Dark Dragons have established an Empire under their leader Zog, and are searching the entire world for the Goddess Keys, so that they can release Myria and have her grant their wishes. Although the Light Dragons are few in number, highly isolated, and by all appearances uninterested in going to war against their distant kinsmen, Zog still dispatches a force commanded by his second, Jade, with orders to destroy Dragnier and kill all those living there. Despite the loss of their powers and the advanced age of many of their number, the Light Dragons are still prepared to fight back against this surprise attack, but the priestess Sara instead casts a spell of temporary petrification on her kinsmen to protect them from the flames, before venturing out to face the Dark Dragons alone. She succeeds in making the Dark Dragons believe that she is the sole survivor of the attack, and is then defeated by Jade, who chooses to take Sara prisoner rather than kill her. When the petrification spell wears off, Sara's younger brother Ryu sets out to strike back against the Dark Dragons and find the truth of his sister's fate, and the game begins.

Breath of Fire II[]

Set roughly five hundred years after the events of the first game, Breath of Fire II opens in an age when the Dragon Clan has vanished from the face of the world, leaving behind only the scattered and forgotten statues of the Dragon God to mark their passing. The only dragon still known to exist is the one that purportedly saved the town of Gate from a demon attack, several years before the events of the prologue (which is itself set perhaps a decade prior to the events of the main game), and which now sleeps upon the mountain behind the town.

As with Breath of Fire, Breath of Fire II's protagonist, Ryu, is a member of the Dragon Clan, but this is not made explicit until midway through the game, when an attempted Fusion with the fire Shaman Sanamo awakens his dormant powers (burning down the shaman's cottage and surrounding woods in the process). Not long after this, the party encounters an old man living in a cave hidden behind the waterfall in the SimaFort region; although this character is never given a name, the fact that he can teach Ryu how to use his advanced Dragon forms implies that the old man is another member of the Dragon Clan, and he uses the same sprite as all of the clan's elders. Only a few other members of the Dragon Clan are known to reside on the surface: Patty the Phantom Thief (who is in reality, Ryu's sister, Yua); Valerie, otherwise known as the Sleeping Dragon of Gate; and Ray. All of these characters are first encountered early in the game, but do not have their precise links to the Dragon Clan revealed until very late in the game. Ray's heritage as a Dark Dragon is exposed immediately before his death, while Patty's true identity is briefly hinted at when Habaruku attempts to sacrifice her to break the seal on the Gate to Infinity and she calls out for her brother to save her; she is snatched away by the Sleeping Dragon (her mother) and goes missing for the rest of the game. Valerie then sacrifices herself to break the weakening seal and give Ryu and his companions the chance to face Deathevan before the demon can reach its full power.

While descending through the depths of Infinity, the party discovers that the town of Dragnier still exists, buried far below ground and led by the elderly Ryu Rider. Conversation with the locals reveal that the Light and Dark Dragons reconciled in the wake of the last war against Myria, and have since been using their combined powers to wage war against Infinity's demonic hordes, keeping them locked away from the rest of the world while they await the coming of the Fated Child, who will have the power to destroy Deathevan. As previously shown with Valerie and Yua, all of the female members of the Dragon Clan now possess draconic wings in their human form.

Although Dragnier and the Dragon Clan survive the events of Breath of Fire II, they remain sealed off from the world. In the game's "bad ending", Ryu chooses to repeat his mother's sacrifice and become the sleeping guardian of the Gate of Infinity, in anticipation of the day when Deathevan reforms. In the "good ending", Ganer intercepts this attempt by crashing the flying Township onto the mountain, burying the Gate and sealing Infinity in his son's place.

Breath of Fire III[]

Jono, Elder of the Brood

Several hundred years before the events of the game take place, Myria created four Guardians from the people of Urkan Tapa, and through them communicated of the great evil that was The Brood, who if left unchecked could destroy the world. This event would be known by the Urkans and the Brood as the Great War. The Brood, although strong enough to defeat them, did not fight back. In hopes of avoiding complete annihilation of their people waiting for the chosen one, several Brood willingly gave up their power and settled into the town of Dragnier. With the exception of Jono, who secluded himself underground Dragnier, the remaining Brood who had kept their powers were slaughtered by the Guardians. By this point in history the Brood were very few in number, the death of 932 Brood at the hands of the Urkans was enough to bring them to near extinction.

Jono later informs Ryu that even before the Great War, Myria and the Brood always fought, and every time she would later return to do battle with them again. The mural underground Dragnier depicts the Ryu from Breath of Fire and his comrades fighting Myria as proof of past battles, showing that the Brood in are distant descendants of the original Dragon Clan.


The Dragon attribute is also applicable to some enemies, making weapons with the Slayer property deal additional damage.

Breath of Fire IV[]

All the gods that are referred to as Dragons are actually the Endless. When the Endless is summoned into a world and remains there indefinitely, it begins to take on the characteristics of the world and becomes a Dragon. The Dragons Ryu encounters were all summoned by the different Clans of the world and each one is linked to a particular Clan even if history has forgotten this.

Ryu and Fou-Lu are the split halves of the greatest Endless, an actual Dragon God. Though each of them is incomplete, they both have the power to transform into fearsome dragons, while their complete form has the power to change the course of the world itself.

In Breath of Fire IV, all of the dragons have a Korean name centered around the Korean word for Dragon, Ryong. Korean is also used for some of the unique abilities that Ryu and Fou-Lu have access to.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter[]

Humans can become linked to a dragon based on their D-Rank. Those who link with a dragon are called the Chosen.

BoFDQ Odjn

Concept Art of Odjn's Corpse

Dragons are powerful beings created by an advanced civilization to be used as weapons in their war. Their misuse led to the destruction of the world and civilization being forced underground. The dragons Odjn, Chetyre, and Dover are actually "Dragon Halves" (D-Ratio 1/2) created after the destruction to help the settlements to survive. They are based on the original Dragons (D-Ratio 1/1) and possess incredible destructive power.

Although the dragons destroyed the world, they themselves are not necessarily evil, instead it is the people who use their powers who determine if they do good or evil. The Dragons have a will of their own and seem to be nearly immortal with the ability to exist in decomposing bodies and reborn through their hosts they link with.

Similar to the previous installment's use of Korean, the names of each of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter's dragons are numbers in Russian. The two dragons which are most important to the games story are named after the Russian words for "one" and "four" lending importance to the game's subtitle, Dragon Quarter. The game's secret boss is a mistranslation of the Russian word for the number two.

Breath of Fire 6[]

The Dragon Clan once again features prominently in the events of Breath of Fire 6.


Members of the Dragon Clan have the ability to transform into dragons, although this ability can be sealed away. According to Gaist members of the Dragon Clan can easily befriend people. The Dragon Clan is the most powerful of all clans and their combined might can easily level the world, which is why they prefer to isolate themselves. The ultimate power of the Dragon Clan is Infinity a force of godly might that allows one to equal and even surpass a deity's level of power. Infinity itself is rooted on bonds, those of friendship between the Dragon Clan member and his comrades, or the collective will of the Dragon Clan itself, so while it has terrifying power, it is ultimately a force employed by those of virtuous heart. The sole exception is in Breath of Fire IV.

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