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Desert of Death
死の砂漠 Shi no Sabaku (Desert of Death)

Desert of Death is a location within Breath of Fire III.


After leaving Dragnier and obtaining the power of the Kaiser Dragon. Ryu and the party must cross the Desert of Death, a tedious and dangerous wasteland, in order to reach Oasis. The trip lasts about five nights and has a boss battle, after which Nina will pass out from heatstroke. The party will discuss what to do, as if Nina continues without receiving aid, she'll perish. After talking to Rei, Ryu will kill the Rakda, sacrificing their only chance of escaping in order to feed Nina the nutrient and water-rich meat, which saves her life. The party resumes the trip and finally arrives at Oasis.


In order to reach the Oasis, the party must travel at night to avoid the intense heat of the day and to be able to follow the stars. The party must fill up all canteens prior to leaving, as without them you will (semi)permanently lose max HP whenever you get thirsty and go without water for too long (unless you go to the inn). You won't need all 16, however it's highly advised to have all of them filled up to be safe. When a menu prompt indicates that the party is thirsty, you can either take a drink then, or you can take 20 more steps (or 10 taps of the directional button), which counts as a half hour in that case, and THEN take a drink, This tactic can help conserve water without worrying about your HP dropping permanently, though one has to be very cautious when counting steps. On average, you should be using about 2 canteens of water a night, during the first night you may end up using only 1, but keep tabs on how much water is used. If something goes wrong or the party gets lost, you can always use the Rakda to return to the start of the desert. The party must camp when the sun rises completely in order to avoid any problems from the desert heat, the game will tell you when.

Firstly the party must follow the North Star (a reddish glowing star) for two full nights. Try not to get tricked by the False North Star, which is the same color, it tends to hop around the night sky, though more often than not it's on the right of the real North Star. Secondly head east, making sure that the Evening Star (a bluish glowing star) is directly behind you (west) for about two and a half nights until the Evening Star is below the horizon. Finally, from that point, follow the North Star (Do not follow the Oasis under the False North Star) until a cutscene happens, which the party will automatically fight the boss Manmo.

Occasionally, the party will engage in various battlefields that host powerful monsters and items, when the party leaves these locations it is vital to regain your bearings by checking the stars, otherwise the party runs the risk of getting lost and forcing you to start over.

One can also take two detours in order to obtain the Royal Sword and Life Armor if they desire. However, both items aren't unique, as they can both be purchased from the Manillo merchant in the fishing spot east of Kombinat, obtaining them much sooner. If one does decides to do this, it's best to complete the main goal before hunting down the items so it won't disrupt your progress much.


  • Death Claws (7 nights West after starting from Oasis)
  • Royal Sword start out from the Oasis heading WSW (one turn to the left of due west) for 3 nights before turning due west for the next night where you should find it in a random battle battlefield
  • Life Armor head north from the Factory til the Evening Star is due west of you, then follow it for 2 nights during which the third night you should come across it in a random battle field, it will appear as a suit of armor lying upright atop the desert sand
  • Speed Boots (5 nights East after starting from the Factory)
  • Random Battlefield Items include: Moon Tears, Swallow Eye, Fish-head, Healing Herb, Antidote, Ivory Dice, Wisdom Seed





  • In the English version, the directions Horis gives to the player in the tent's notebook is incorrect due to a mistranslation. The initial directions he gives the player when he is directly talked to remain correct.
    • In the French and German localisations of the game, the directions Horis gives are also incorrect. Since the tent's notebook and talking to Horis are the only two ways to get directions to traverse the Desert, the player has to resort to either luck or external sources to get to Caer Xhan.
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