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First appearance: Breath of Fire
Other appearances: Breath of Fire II
Breath of Fire III
Leader(s): Myria

Demons (魔物, Mamono) are a race found in the Breath of Fire series and are featured primordially in Breath of Fire II as its central antagonists.

Demons are evil beings who seek and exploit the weaknesses in mortal souls to feed off them like parasites until nothing is left, leaving the person a mere shell of its former self, thus causing possession.


Demons are powerful malevolent creatures, although it is believed they have existed like many of the other races, it is strongly hinted that the vast majority of the Demon race is birthed from their God, Deathevan as it is through his actions and his proxies that the world has seen an infestation of Demons.

Although many Demons are born seemingly naturally, a large amount of them are also artificially created. In particular, individuals with deep malice in their hearts can be influenced by Deathevan in some form and become Demons themselves.

Nearly all Demons pledge loyalty to their God, and devote themselves exclusively to their one task, to feed Deathevan with sufficient energy to allow him to rise and destroy the world.

Breath of Fire II[]

When the Goddess Myria was defeated, a remnant of her, a "scar" was left, a shard of pure malice that went ignored for many years, yet the spawn would continue to grow until noticed by the Dragon Clans. This evil was Deathevan, the Demon God a being of pure evil who could not be defeated for he lacked physical form, forcing the Light and Dark Dragon clans to reconcile and wait until the moment Deathevan could take shape so as to defeat him good.

Feeding off negative feelings, Deathevan continued to grow but needed a large continuous supply of energy to eventually emerge and destroy the world. The Dragon Clan would seal itself in Infinity along with Deathevan separate from the rest of the world, sealed by the gates on Gate. Although Deathevan himself could not surge, his evil minions and other individuals under his influence would act on his commands to sow chaos and wreak havoc for the purpose of gathering energy for their God.

The first and perhaps most unnoticed and arguably the most successful of these actions was the establishment of the St. Eva Church a religion who preaches of salvation and helping the people no matter their origins, yet which in truth is a means to gather followers and use their prayers which send energy to Deathevan who under the guise of Evan is the religion's namesake God, with Habaruku its founder being one of Deathevan's Demon henchmen. The religion's wide-popularity did not only eclipse other faiths but also made all but nigh impossible for the world to realize the church's true machinations. In fact it is seen that many priests in service of St. Eva are largely unaware of the religion's real purpose and follow its doctrine out of true conviction of goodness.

After sensing the growth of Deathevan, the Dragon Clan would send Valerie to the upper world to investigate the source of his power. Valerie would do so and end up in Gate where she met with Ganer a St. Eva Priest and the two fell in love and made a family, parenting two children, Ryu and Yua. Valerie kept investigating for years but all she could find was a peaceful world, completely unaware that St. Eva was the real conduct empowering Deathevan, although Valerie always felt something suspicious about them. Eventually the seal began to weaken and Gate was being flooded by Demons, which Valerie was able to fend off by transforming into a Dragon, sealing the gates with her own body, but this required too much power so she was left in a dormant state. Valerie was assumed dead, and Gate regained tranquility, and Deathevan was temporarily halted.

Years later and moving into the final phase of their plans, the Demons would take over Gate through Aruhamel, a Demon with memory manipulating abilities, making everyone forget about Ganer and his family. Ganer fought but was defeated and Yua disappeared, while Habaruku would pose as Father Hulk the "true priest" of the town. Ryu was made to took asylum on his own home under the ruse of him being an orphaned child. He then met Bow and the sneaked in the middle of the night when a rain poured, forcing the two into a nearby cave. They find a tail which they follow which leads them into Barubary, Deathevan's main lieutenant who swathes Bow with his tail and proceeds to test Ryu's power as the "Destined Child". Ryu is easily defeated but Barubary spares him as Ryu is needed for their plans to open the gates allowing Deathevan to rise. It is implied these events traumatized Ryu to an extent as his life was torn apart.

Nearly a decade later Ryu and Bow now grown teenagers would end up in HomeTown as Rangers and would through their adventures encounter a multitude of Demons causing misdeeds in the world. When Bow is framed for theft at Trout's manor, he is forced into hiding with Ryu to chase after Patty the true culprit in order to clear Bow's name. Ryu would come to meet the Demon race for the first time years during his stay at Coursair where he is made to participate in its arena, where its manager Augus, in truth a man turned Demon who orchestrates acts of violence and murder in order to use the audience's fervor and bloodlust into energy for Deathevan. Ryu battles Katt under the guise of Baba and successfully saves Katt from being poisoned by darts, by taking the blows due to medicine purchased by Rand. The trio then storm into Augus' office who reveals his Demon identity and engaging in battle, before being defeating while making vague claims about their God.

The trio would venture to Township to help with repairs, but only Rand stays, leaving Ryu and Katt to return to HomeTown for clues on Patty. On their way they encounter Nina being harassed by Joker Gang thugs which she easily repels. Katt impressed by her magic drags Ryu into the Magic Academy to learn, where they see Nina apologizing to her master for using magic in self-defense, although he understands the reasons. Soon after a Joker thug threatens Nina into coming with him as they reveal her younger sister Mina, has been taken hostage. Nina is forced to comply and Ryu and Katt follow after her. Venturing into the Joker Gang's den, they see their leader Joker attempting to coerce Nina into serving them in exchange for Mina's safety. Before Nina can agree, Ryu and Katt aid Nina in defeating the thugs allowing Nina to bury Joker under rubble. Joker emerges in Demon form with the intention to kill them all. He too is defeated in disbelief that their God would forsake him.

Demons would not be seen until much later until SimaFort where an impostor to Prince Jean attempt to usurp power and accuse the real Jean as a criminal. A cooking competition took place where Ryu and his friends aided Jean with gathering ingredients fetching a J.Worm, G.Roach and GoldFly. When the competition began the judges revealed themselves threatened to favor the impostor, forcing Princess Petape to try to blow the castle with a self-destruction mechanism in a fit of extreme anger. The imposter and Jean followed after her, with the impostor revealing himself a Demon known as Kuwadora who had power ambitions. He too was defeated, which allowed Ryu to take Patty with him as she was on forced labor in SimaFort.

When Patty is dragged to HomeTown and given to Trout, Patty claims Trout is a criminal with thieves working under him and providing him his riches, but evidence is scarce. Kilgore believes Trout to be suspicious so Bow and Ryu investigate the matter. Finding a secret basement in Trout's manor, the duo realize that he is indeed a criminal who has imprisoned thieves and other people and robbed them of their belongings along Patty who is chained to a wall. Trout reveals himself a man turned Demon because of his excessive greed and is defeated.

During this time the forest of Gate would suddenly die out as a result of Deathevan's emergence being more imminent, so Rangers were sent to investigate but retreated immediately upon finding Barubary on their way, as they realized they were no match for the evil creature and ran back fearing for their lives, revealing to the Guild's Elder what occurred and desisting from the case. Ryu and Bow heard the situation and recognizing Barubary decided to get themselves involved and investigate the phenomenon, but were told to get the help of the Grassmen.

One such Grassman, Spar was held in captivity in a circus and soon to be executed in a show by its director, who demanded Ryu pay an impossible money sum or trade him for an Uparupa. Ultimately Ryu and his friends confronted the director who was also a Demon and was defeated. Spar revealed he was waiting for the heroes as something evil was approaching the world and suggested they talked with the Great Wise Tree. The Tree was suffering from induced amnesia and required the Therapy Pillow to enter his mind and fix it, which was under the possession of Tunlan.

Since Ryu and his party could not communicate with Tunlan's people, they decided to go to Highfort to acquire the Famous Flute to help them speak Tunlan's musical language. Needing Sten's guidance to reach the fortress the party soon become embroiled on a civil dispute when the nation's leading general, Shupkay, reveals herself a traitor bent on acquiring the secret power buried in the fort and intends to sacrifice the princess Elforan for the deed. Sten is forced to fight and mend ways with Trubo his fellow soldier and the two carry out an assault while freeing Sten's friends who were prisoners in the process. Confronting Shupkay, she reveals herself a demon born out of her powerhunger who tries to use Elforan's feelings for the country as a means to power a machine that will turn them into powerful energy. The party battles and defeats Shupkay who tries to use herself as a power source. Due to Trubo's disastrous handling of the machine, it caused the flow of energy to flow back on Shupkay herself, destroying her and part of Highfort, but averting the worse outcome. Thankful for their aid, they are given the Master Flute.

The party returns to Tunlan for the Therapy Pillow, but unfortunately their Queen's life was in danger due to her extreme obesity which necessitated the aid of the Diet Wizard, Gedd who soon revealed her condition was induced by Demons as her self-centered, spoiled nature, made her an easy target for possession. Ryu and his party are shrunk and forced to literally cut down her body fats. The operation was an overwhelming success as the Queen was now extremely thin but with her life saved, she granted the Therapy Pillow to Ryu.

With the item on hand Ryu and his party venture into Gandaroof's mind and explore the towns representing his older memories, his younger memories and his childhood memories, with the first one being an illusion to hide the Memory Tower that held Gandaroof's knowledge. The party ventured into the confusing labyrinth until coming to face Aruhamel, the Demon that ruined Ryu's childhood, gloating about the fact and on a mission to destroy Gandaroof's memories to prevent knowledge that could stop Deathevan from being shared. He too was eliminated although the damage to Gandaroof was done and the Elder Tree was unable to remember much, although he had enough knowledge remaining to tell Ryu of a resistance group ready to fight the Demon God and that he should seek their aid.

Although Demons are not seen until much later, their actions would still be felt as Ryu's party comes to face the St. Eva Church and its less noble side. As the party travels into FarmTown they are forced to do some labour for Daisy and pray to their local God of harvest, Namanda. Upon returning, they see a Church Paladin stating that Daisy has converted and donated her land to build a church which the party finds suspicious after Daisy had previously expelled an Eva emissary before. Realizing that Daisy is likely in danger, the party travel to Evrai the capital of St. Eva using the power of the Great Bird.

While investigation the town that is reserved for the religions most fervent devouts, Ryu and his party find its populace speak nothing but wonders of St. Eva and its High Priest, Habaruku. However due to a mysterious force they find themselves unable to leave the premises, and upon talking with the citizens once more, they reveal a far less enthusiastic folk as many burst into hysterical laughter, feel abnormal cold or other abnormalities. They meet with a local priest, Claris who is a spy for the Resistance who reveals the devouts from St. Eva are having their souls sucked out of them, leaving them empty husks. Ryu and his party are forced to escape via sewers and then travel to CotLnd where they meet Tiga and his Resistance against the Church. After getting some much needed funding the party travel to the Bando chapel where they hope to overthrow Father Manson. Upon reaching there, they find a secret passage but Tiga is forced out due to his claustrophobia.

The party venture into the dungeon and find piles of human bones and multiple prisoners of the Church along with Church soldiers protecting the place, all but exposing St. Eva's darkness. When the party catches up to Manson he reveals his mission to send devouts to Evrai and torture infidels to submission until leaving them empty husks for their God to feed. Manson transforms into the Demon Necroman all but confirming St. Eva Church to be a demonic cult. Necroman is defeated and yields a special pass that can be used to enter and exit Evrai at will. Preparing for the eventual assault the party studies the gospel of Eva and disguise themselves as disciples.

At the day of the meeting, a Paladin guarding entrance has Manson's (in truth Tiga in disguise) group question in order to filter possible threats, but they enter successfully. When Habaruku makes himself present, he exposes a captured Claris as a spy and begins reading her mind, all in order to lure the Resistance out amidst fervent demands for her termination. Tiga, unable to see her further tortured, engages in battle against Habaruku but is killed alongside Claris making them examples for those who defy Eva's will. Habaruku leaves after his sermon with the party pursuing him so he has the priest Ray to deal with them. In truth, Ray fought Ryu to awaken his latent Dragon powers as a form of atonement as he knew the Church was evil but could not bring himself to fight it, due to being raised by Habaruku and soon dies.

The party chases after Habaruku and find Daisy who sacrifices her life to save Rand from a crushing trap. Habaruku sends his Archers to fight the party but they are defeated and he soon descends into secret floors in the Cathedral. As the party makes their way, they find an ancient machine with Ganer trapped which transforms human emotion into energy and is the conduit utilized by the St. Eva Church to funnel power to Deathevan with Ganer as a power source. The party is forced to fight the defense system and can either save or kill Ganer depending on how the player performs in battle. In either case with the machine suffering damage the stored energy begins to flow back out of control and evaporates the Cathedral, killing the Church's upper echelon and thus depriving Deathevan of the energy from prayer.

However the party is forced to investigate Gate once and for all, as they realize Deathevan is syphoning energy from the life around the town. There they find Father Hulk who has authorized the use of bombs against the Dragon whom he has blamed as the cause of the dying forest. When the bombs are triggered the Dragon is weakened allowing Demons to surge. Father Hulk requests Ryu's aid in getting Patty as she can communicate with the Dragon. Patty tries to converse with the Dragon, warning them of the threat to come, but Hulk reveals himself as Habaruku along his true purpose, to sacrifice a member of the Dragon Clan to open the seal that will allow Deathevan to emerge and destroy the world. The Dragon interferes with his attempt at killing Patty so Ryu and his party defeat the High Priest for good.

Ryu is then given a choice, whether to wait until the time the Demon emerges, or opening the seal to confront it now and defeat it, risking the world in the process. The former leads to a bad ending, while the latter leads to the true ending. The Dragon morphs back into Valerie, and subsequently sacrifices what little life she has to open the seal allowing Ryu passage to Infinity where he can fight Deathevan.

Ryu and his party venture into the underground where they meet the Dragon Clan taking residence on Dologany where the Elder explains Deathevan's background to Ryu along with their clan mission to oppose him and his fate as the Destined Child to fight and defeat the Demon God. Ryu is tested on a trial meant to give him the greatest power, Anfini to defeat Deathevan with. When Ryu is tasked to sacrifice one of his friends as the price to pay, he refuses upon which he is given the power as he protected his friendship with his allies.

Venturing further into the dungeon, Ryu comes across Barubary, the Demon he met on ten years ago who taunts him after the many years since their encounter, warning that he will not hold back as he did once as he was needed to open the gates before. When Ryu's party prove their mettle, Barubary requests a duel between him and Ryu to see if the young man can confront the nightmare of his childhood. Ryu can either accept the duel or not, which will lead to slightly different outcomes. If Ryu does not accept, Barubary will be amused at Ryu's willingness to win at all costs, once defeated he will acknowledge Ryu as growing strong, but not enough to defeat Deathevan. If Ryu does accept the duel, Barubary is delighted that Ryu would stand against him on his own. When defeated, Barubary will offer genuine praise to Ryu for his bravery and honor and admit both him and Deathevan were mistaken to believe they could destroy Ryu as soon as he fulfilled his role. He gives Ryu a hint towards a hidden treasure before exploding.

Ryu subsequently makes to Deathevan's lair where he witnesses the Demon God, in the form of an Old Man. Evan thanks Ryu for opening the gates, while calling him Nikanoru, the name of the dead as he gloats his intention to bless the world with destruction as he hopes the world will pray to him as they are slaughtered. Evan traps the party in crystal but Ryu frees himself. Evan proceeds to narrate lives of Ryu's friends while shattering the crystals as he immobilizes Ryu and further taunts him by massacring his friends one by one while he is left to watch the deed. After he is done he retreats to prepare for his rise on the surface world, but Ryu's anger empowers him as he chases for the mad God. Evan launches a barrage of explosions at Ryu who is unfazed as he runs towards Evan and then slashes him across his face. Evan is in utter disbelief he could be bested by a mortal and plunges into the darkness, only to emerge into his true form as Deathevan. Ryu uses the power of Anfini which draws power from the people he has met, reviving his friends, they launch an assault which defeats the Demon God. Deathevan is left in utter disbelief at their opposition to death and subsequently vanishes.

The party celebrates their victory with the Dragon Clan praising him for his deed as the party rise to the surface world. Ryu, however, realizes that although Deathevan was stopped temporarily, he is still alive and will attempt to resurface in due time. What happens next depends on the player's actions: If Ryu failed to activate Township's flying mode, he will transform into a Dragon and seal the gates by himself, just like Valerie did, which leads to a Sad Ending. If Ryu activated Township's flying mode, Ganer will pilot it and plunge into the gates, creating a landslide to block the entrance and thus preventing Deathevan or any Demon to surface until the time is right. With the demon threat finally resolved, the player then gets to experience the game's true ending.

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