First appearance: Breath of Fire
Leader(s): Myria

Demons (魔物, Mamono) are a race found in the Breath of Fire series and are featured primordially in Breath of Fire II as its central antagonists.

Profile Edit

Demons are powerful malevolent creatures, although it is believed they have existed like many of the other races, it is strongly hinted that the vast majority of the Demon race is birthed from their God, Deathevan as it is through his actions and his proxies that the world has seen an infestation of Demons.

Although many Demons are born seemingly naturally, a large amount of them are also artificially created. In particular, individuals with deep malice in their hearts can be influenced by Deathevan in some form and become Demons themselves.

Nearly all Demons pledge loyalty to their God, and devote themselves exclusively to their own task, to feed Deathevan with sufficient energy to allow him to rise and destroy the world.

Breath of Fire II Edit

When the Goddess Myria was defeated, a remnant of her, a "scar" was left, a shard of pure malice that went ignored for many years, yet the spawn would continue to grow until noticed by the Dragon Clans. This evil was Deathevan, the Demon God a being of pure evil who could not be defeated for he lacked physical form, forcing the Light and Dark Dragon clans to reconcile and wait until the moment Deathevan could take shape so as to defeat him good.

Feeding off negative feelings, Deathevan continued to grow but needed a large continuous supply of energy to eventually emerge and destroy the world. The Dragon Clan would seal itself in Infinity along with Deathevan separate from the rest of the world, sealed by the gates on Gate. Although Deathevan himself could not surge, his evil minions and other individuals under his influence would act on his commands to sow chaos and wreak havoc for the purpose of gathering energy for their God.

The first and perhaps most unnoticed and arguably the most successful of these actions was the establishment of the St. Eva Church a religion who preaches of salvation and helping the people no matter their origins, yet which in truth is a means to gather followers and use their prayers which send energy to Deathevan who under the guise of Evan is the religion's namesake God, with Habaruku its founder being one of Deathevan's Demon henchmen. The religion's wide-popularity did not only eclipse other faiths but also made all but nigh impossible for the world to realize the church's true machinations. In fact it is seen that many priests in service of St. Eva are largely unaware of the religion's real purpose and follow its doctrine out of true conviction of goodness.

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