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ヂィース Dyiisu
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Deis is a character in Breath of Fire IV.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Deis describes herself as being summoned, in the same manner as Ryu and Fou-Lu, from another world. In her case, the incarnation did not include a physical body, forcing her to inhabit the armor, which refers to her as Ershin. Due to people mistakenly believing the armor is referring to itself in the third person, and Deis herself disliking the name, the name Ershin is given to the armor.

With help of a temporary medium known as Rhem, she helps Ryu and the party to contact the other dragons, until she eventually returns to the armor where she can be more useful in combat and also help to keep the armor alive for a little longer.


Deis is a stubborn character, showing a bit of arrogance due her status as a Endless. She often calls people by nicknames rather than their names (such as referring to Nina as "little birdie" and Cray as "kitty"). She also annoyed by how humans depend on gods for everything, summoning them to solve all their problems rather than trying to work by themselves. She does, however, genuinely try to convince the other dragons to help Ryu stand a chance against Fou-Lu, though her own personal desires and well-being may have been part of her reasons.

After being trapped for so long inside the armor (Ershin) that she dislikes so much (which she often refers as "tin can"), Deis just wants a new (and "good looking") body to serve as a medium so she can enjoy the simple pleasures of life: eating and sleeping.

She, like her previous incarnations, is also bit of a pervert, as she created a harem of muscular men, most of them half-naked, who worshiped her while in the dream world. When the party "crashes" in on her, she gets very upset and reluctantly assists the party.

Despite her heavy dislike of Ershin, she does depend on the armor to keep herself alive. When Ershin was nearly destroyed by Rasso, despite her initial remarks, she sits by it until the party is ready to leave Chek. So she eventually, and begrudgingly, comes to accept it, even sacrificing her freedom in order to better assist the gang and keep Ershin's power supply going, much to Ershin's joy.

Powers and Abilities[]

Her true nature and power are not revealed, but she can create illusions and shape matter while in the dream world, manipulating as she sees fit. She even creates a harem-like temple filled with muscular blonde men to serve her.

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