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Deep Earth is the setting in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.


Deep Earth is a subterranean world, the bottom levels more than a kilometer below the Earth's surface. In previous centuries, the inhabitants used to live on the surface, but a great disaster rendered the land uninhabitable. They found no other choice but to take refuge underground.

The city of Sheldar became the capital of Deep world. Advanced technology was developed to adapt to living underground. BioCorp in particular became a leading organization in developing biotechnology.


The world of Deep Earth has a highly stratified society determined by the individual's D-Ratio. The D-ratio acts as an identifier and a measure of a individual's latent abilities.

People with low D-ratio, known as Low-Ds, are at the bottom of society. The live in the lowest levels of Deep Earth, where air quality is the worst. They are assigned more menial tasks. Low-Ds are treated with contempt by people with higher D-ratio, and are given no chance for social mobility. Ryu, being one of the lowest-ranking members, is expected to remain a Ranger grunt for the rest of his life.

People with higher level D-ratios live closer to the Earth's surface, where the air is cleaner. People of a particularly high D-ratio are considered exceptionally talented and are given the chance to taken on prestigious roles like such as Regent. To Bosch, being a Ranger is merely a stepping stone in advancing his career.