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Breath of Fire II Boss
デスエバン Desueban (Deathevan)
10000 1000
Off Def Magic Vuln
400 140 -2
Agi Luck Immunity
138 80 -
EXP Coins
0 0
Location Infinity
Drop Herb
Drop rate 0
Abilities BoneLzr, ColdBrth, Death, Explode, "god's power",
Type -
Info First encounter Deathevan will only use explode until Ryu uses Anfini.

Deathevan acts as the final boss of Breath of Fire II.


As the final boss, Deathevan is a powerful adversary with many nasty attacks at his disposal. Although deemed as less difficult than Barubary by many players, Deathevan ought not to be underestimated as he can level a party rather easily without care as Deathevan is much faster than Barubary, making healing more tricky.

There are two encounters against Deathevan, the first of which is mostly cinematic and has Ryu as the sole playable character. In this phase, Deathevan will only cast Explode until Ryu casts Anfini which will resurrect his party members and trigger the true final battle.

Deathevan's central form of attacks include a normal attack which is largely unimpressive, but can also use the likes of ColdBrth to inflict around 90-100 damage to the entire party. He can also use Death on a single unit to cause an instant KO. Were it to fail it will waste his turn, but should it suceed may cause some annoyance to the player, especially if any healer is felled.

Deathevan can use two rather unusual attacks "Be God's Power!" which will drain HP from the party up to a maximum of 60 per each unit restoring its own in the process and even deplete their AP up to a maxmimum of 20, and "Disappear!" which will dispel all effects from the party.

As his HP gets lower, Deathevan will use his strongest, BoneLzr which will deal major damage to the party, nearing 120 damage to each unit.


The player has ample room to choose the party to use, however, healers will be a priority as Deathevan can inflict large damage that can kill many party members in as short as two attacks, depending on their level. Rand and Bow are both powerful healers, the latter specially can at the adequate level outspeed even Deathevan. For good measure it is recommended to be around the mid level 40s for better stats.

For offensive the player should prioritize the likes of Katt, Nina and Bleu. Katt can deal decent damage and can outspeed Deathevan which can be useful in an emergency by allowing her to use items. Nina and Bleu can both use powerful spells to deal fairly high damage in each cast of Bolt X or Missile. A downside of using either of them, however, is that Deathevan can deplete AP, which may cause them to have issues late in the fight.

As far as Ryu concerns, using a G. Drgn strategy is largely unwise, as Deathevan has a staggering 10,000 HP, which will require several casts of G. Drgn and many turns of restoring Ryu's AP, unless they have a decent amount of WiseBL. Being the final battle, the player has no need to be shy about preserving any powerful item like Van.Ext, Moondrops, etc.

Although Deathevan is capable of dispelling buffs, buffing will nonetheless prove very effective, particularly offensive buffs as they can power up party members to deal 200 damage and sometimes 300-400 damage through Specials. MedusaSH is capable of casting Atk-Up, as do Medicate and Octopus if the player has unlocked cooking in TownShip. Fusionized characters will also be immensely powerful provided the player is willing and capable of travelling the entire dungeon while preserving these forms.

All in all, the player should focus on survival and boosting their power as much as possible, and in due time the beast should fall.

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