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Deathevan is the primary antagonist of Breath of Fire II. He is the spawn of the Goddess Myria, who birthed him following her defeat in the original Breath of Fire.


As Evan, he appears as an old human man with gray hair, a prominent beard, and wearing black clerical robes; he resembles classic depictions of divine imagery in certain religions (most notably Christianity).

In his true form, Deathevan is a hideous blue-skinned demon with a strong resemblance to Myria, having multiple worm-like appendages beneath his legs, all of them with mouths. His two arms are large and end in wings, lacking proper hands or fingers. His torso features a second face with red eyes situated above an array of moving red teeth or tendrils. The second face's mouth conceals a hidden appendage that ends in an eyeball-like organ; it lashes outward with an array of tendrils as a basic physical attack. His true face is a rather conventional demon head featuring multiple golden horns and blank white eyes with no discernible iris or pupil. He has a very large tail that almost rivals the rest of his body mass; strangely, this does not appear on his overworld sprite.


Deathevan is malice incarnate, a being of absolute and pure evil who feeds on the darkness in mortal hearts to become stronger. As a being of pure, sentient evil, he requires a substantial amount of negative power to take physical form.

Deathevan initially acts polite and almost grandfatherly, but this facade conceals dismissiveness and a callous disregard for all life. The religion Deathevan has founded is a perfect example; while its teachings are touted as ideologies of peace, in truth, they are merely a means by which Deathevan may gather the energy of his devotees and grow more powerful. Merciless and ultimately sadistic, Deathevan derives pleasure from destroying others; he torments Ryu by forcing him to watch helplessly as his companions are killed before swearing to lay waste to the world.

Deathevan's ultimate goal is destruction. He is completely deluded into thinking that, because all life forms inevitably die, then they all ultimately seek death. Deathevan believes that he will "bless" the world with destruction, and that all will praise him as he ends their lives. He doesn't tolerate opposition of any kind and becomes furious when Ryu defies him, going into a towering rage that soon culminates into hysterical ravings, with the implication that he is mentally unstable.

Following his defeat, Deathevan is left in complete and utter disbelief not only that mere mortals could beat him, but that any being would seek to defy their own destruction. It is likely that as a being of pure evil, he is completely unable to comprehend any positive feelings or attachment to life, for he simply lacks any possible trace of goodness.


Deathevan is a "scar", a remnant left behind by Myria after she was defeated in Breath of Fire, who went unnoticed for many years following a period of peace after Myria's demise. Feeding on the negative emotions of the world above, he continued his growth until the Dragon Clan finally became aware of his existence. Fearing what would happen were the Demon to be unleashed, the Light and Dark Dragon Clans reunited and made it their mission to fend off the Demon.

Unfortunately, Deathevan's nature as a formless being of pure malice meant he could not be defeated until he took physical shape. The Dragon Clan was forced to move Dologany underground and seal the entrance with a barrier that could only be opened by members of the Dragon Clan, keeping themselves and Deathevan locked away from the rest of the world. Unbeknownst to them, however, Deathevan had already established the new religion of St. Eva through his proxies (with himself as its namesake God). This religion swiftly spread throughout the world, nearly completely overshadowing other faiths such as that of the Dragon God Ladon (who tells Ryu that, by the time of Breath of Fire II, no one prays to him any more).

Years passed, and Deathevan continued to grow stronger. Eventually, Valerie, a young woman from the Dragon Clan, was sent to the surface to investigate the source of Deathevan's growing power. She emerged in the town of Gate, where she met Ganer, a priest of St. Eva, who was immediately smitten with her. His feelings were reciprocated, and the two soon married and started a family. Although Valerie kept researching and regularly reported her findings back to the Dragon Clan, she only saw a peaceful world and was unaware that the Church of St. Eva was a conduit used by Deathevan.

Eventually settling in as mother to two children, Valerie had mostly forgotten her mission until demons sent by Deathevan started to break through the seal on the gates. Valerie transformed herself into a giant dragon and used her body to reinforce the seal on the gates, temporarily halting the demons' progress. However, she was forced to remain there to maintain the seal and fell into a deep slumber; furthermore, this act did little to stop the Church of St. Eva from continuing to empower their God.

In due time, the demons began to take more open measures; Aruhamel wiped the memories of Ganer and his family from Gate's inhabitants, enabling Habaruku, the religion's founder, to secretly usurp Ganer's position as Gate's priest. Ganer himself was imprisoned beneath the Grand Church of Evrai and forced to serve as part of the conduit channeling the lives of the faithful to Deathevan. With this accomplished, it would only be a matter of time before Deathevan would be able to manifest himself. In the meantime, the world began to experience a surge of Demonic activity as Deathevan's servants sought to further expand the influence of the Church of St. Eva.

However, Ryu was unharmed during the takeover of Gate and escaped after meeting Bow. Ten years after that day, he set out on his adventure and began discovering and thwarting the Demons' plans. This eventually resulted in he and his companions destroying the Grand Church, more or less dismantling the entire Church of St. Eva in one blow and cutting off most of the flow of power to Deathevan.

With the church in tatters, Habaruku enacted an alternate plan to break the seal himself. In the guise of Father Hulk, he convinced the people of Gate that the Dragon protecting the gates to Infinity was evil and must be eliminated. Ryu arrived in time to see the villagers attempt to kill the dragon with explosives; this did not break the seal, but weakened the dragon enough that demons were able to begin slipping through the gates again. "Hulk" then convinced Ryu to return with Patty, who was rumored to know more about the dragon than anyone else. Once they returned, Habaruku revealed his true plan: to sacrifice Patty (in reality Ryu's long-lost sister, Yua) in order to open the gates thanks to her Dragon Clan heritage. However, Valerie, still in her dragon form, awoke and intervened, giving Ryu and his companions time to finally defeat Habaruku.

Valerie then asked Ryu whether she should open the gates and allow him to engage Deathevan head on, or continue to maintain the seal in hopes of keeping Deathevan sealed indefinitely. Unbeknownst to either, Deathevan was still capable of leeching power from the world even without the support of the Church of St. Eva -- choosing to maintain the seal results in the game's Bad Ending, where Deathevan eventually gains enough power to break through the seal and lay waste to the world.

Ultimately, Ryu and his companions asked Valerie to open the gates; after bidding her son a brief farewell, she sacrificed herself and broke the seal. Ryu and his companions then descended into Infinity and eventually reached the relocated town of Dologany. There, Ryu unlocked Anfini, the greatest power of the Dragon Clan, before continuing onward to the bottom-most layers of Infinity.

Deathevan only appears in person at the end of the game. He appears first to Ryu and the others in his human guise, Evan. He greets Ryu (whom he calls "Nikanoru", a reference to The Autumn of the Patriarch by Gabriel García Márquez), he states that he will "bless" the world with desperation, causing every living thing to look up at him in happiness as they die.

Evan then seals Ryu and his companions in crystal. Ryu is able to break free, but is paralyzed and can only watch helplessly as Evan shatters the other crystals, killing his teammates before leaving in contempt. In his rage, Ryu breaks free again and pursues Evans, eventually catching up and slashing him across the face. Evans, enraged by this slight, reveals his true demonic form as Deathevan and engages him in a proper battle. As Ryu faces Deathevan alone, he uses Anfini to revive his allies to fight by his side. Eventually, the heroes triumph over the mad demon-god, who wonders why the world would resist destruction before fading away.

Even after Deathevan's defeat, it is implied he is not truly dead, but only sleeping; thus, Ryu realizes that someone must continue to seal the gates to Infinity. What comes next depends on earlier actions in the game: if the player successfully saved Ganer and unlocked Township's ability to fly, Ganer will drop it on top of the gates, preventing Deathevan from ever returning and leading to the Good Ending. If the player failed in either of these tasks, it leads to a Sad Ending where Ryu follows his mother's footsteps and permanently becomes a dragon in order to seal the gates himself.

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

Deathevan doesn't appear in Breath of Fire III, but is mentioned by Mikba in the same manner that other demons refer to Deathevan, namely as their god. It should be noted, however, that the term used by Mikba, "God", is variously used by other characters in reference to Myria. Because of his demonic form, it is thus not entirely clear whether Mikba gets his powers from Deathevan or from Myria.


Deathevan appears as the Final Boss of Breath of Fire II. He is fought in two phases: the first one requires Ryu to use Anfini, which will revive his fallen companions and prompt the second phase of the battle.

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