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The Dark Dragon Clan is a clan that first appears in Breath of Fire.

After the Goddess War the great Dragon Clan split into two groups. Those who decided to continue using their powers as a means to get what they wanted became the Dark Dragon Clan.


In Breath of Fire the Dark Dragon Clan serves as the primary antagonists. At the begining of the game the Dark Dragon's leader, Zog, had begun his bid for world domination using the Dark Dragons as his army. Powerless to defeat the Dark Dragons the people of the world must await a hero to come rescue them from this powerful army.

By Breath of Fire II the Dark Dragons and the Light Dragons had reconciled, reuniting the Dragon Clan.

Clan Abilities[]

Members of the Dark Dragon Clan have the ability to transform into dragons. This ability can be used for both transport, like the Great Bird, or for battle. Many foot soldiers of the Dark Dragon Army use this ability as a means of transport to and from Scande. Zog is the only Dark Dragon to use this ability for battle.


The Dark Dragon Clan are a military based clan who seem to have no qualms about enslaving and/or destroying other people. They have a large army consisting of most, if not all, the members of the clan. The Dark Dragons are led by Zog who is using them to conquer the world.

Notable Members[]