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Danger Room
デンジャールーム Denjarimu (Danger Room)
Deep Earth

Danger Rooms are certain areas of the dungeons in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter that, once entered, cannot be left until all of the enemies in it have been defeated.

A player will know they're in a Danger Room when all doors are locked, the area is suffused with a reddish tint and the music has changed to Danger Approaches. The player will have to navigate through the Danger Room and find all the enemies present and defeat them before the player can advance. The Danger Room is always set in a certain spot in each area, the enemies within the Danger Room varies depending on where the Danger Room is and can hold one group of a certain enemy or a few groups of many.

Upon finishing a Danger Room all doors will be unlocked, the area's typical music will play once more, and a Treasure Key will usually drop as a reward.