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ダム Damu (Dam)
Dam scenic
South Desert; Eastern Continent
"That dragon lives in the mud. Normally, he swims near the bottom and doesn't bother anyone much, but for some reason he's been acting real crazy lately...Everyone was afraid he'd break the gate, so they ran off."
— Worker at the Dam

Dam is a location in Breath of Fire IV. It is located in the South Desert. The dam is a fortification withholding the Mud Sea between the Eastern Continent and the Western Continent. Aurum is mined here by prospectors working at the dam [1]. It is then transported for use in other regions, one prominent destination being Ludia. A dragon, Ni Ryong, lives in the mud behind the gate.


Dam Intro Worker

Worker greeting the party.

Ryu and the party arrive at the Dam and immediately notice that it is awfully quiet. Usually, more workers are to be seen, however they cannot spot many. After a short while, a worker appears and tells the party that the local Mud Dragon has been more active than usual lately. His acting up has caused many workers to leave the Dam, with only a handful of them remaining. The dam has two sluice gates which are open and need to be closed.


Meeting the foreman.

Ryu and the others make their way down to the lowest level and talk to the foreman, who tells them that they need to close both gates in order to cross the dam. In order to do so, they will need a Sluice Key which is held by Rhoppe, a local prospector with his trademark swimming ring. They meet with Rhoppe who lends them the key.

Subsequently, Ryu and the others activate two sluice gates and cross over to the other side of the dam. Whereas the first gate is simple to activate, the second one needs more work. A local engineer informs the party how to operate the wheels in order to make the second gate move. If they do their work extremely well, the wheels can be operated more easily and Ryu will be rewarded for his hard work[2]. They exit the engine room and return to the Sluice Key to the foreman.

Mudwave 2

An alarm bell? Mudwave incoming!

All of a sudden, a bell starts ringing and the Mud Dragon acts up again, hammering against the main sluice gate, which causes a mudwave to appear. The foreman hands the party over a crank, which is needed to activate the elevator on the other side of the dam. The party rushes to the elevator and Ryu keeps pulling the lever repeatedly so the party can escape the looming destruction through the mudwave. Eventually, they barely make it to escape the murky molasses and watch the mayhem caused from an overarching cliff on the other side. Rhoppe's swimming ring saved him out as the party watches him float on top of the mud.

Mudwave 4

Phew, made it to the other side!

After these dramatic events, Ryu and the others continue their journey to Synesta, heading to their next destination, Kyria. Shortly after leaving the dam, the party makes a stop at an unnamed cape, where they encounter a bard and Ni Ryong.


Item Location
Short Sword after first gate is lowered, cross it, head down the stairs and collect the chest
Swallow Eye (x2) after the second engine minigame, leave room to reach the outside on the right side, walk left for chest
Vitamin (x2) after lowering the second gate, head across the gate and up the ladder to reach the upper levels of the dam. Head to the far right for the chest


Eye Goo
Mage Goo
Red Cap
Army Bat

Notable Residents[]


  1. According to the workers in the mud, see gallery
  2. Should this be achieved, she rewards them with a Warbler


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