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ドロンゾ Doronzo
Sprite D'Lonzo Sprite
Coffee Shop
Requirement Have at least 15 different weapon types in the inventory
HP 1 AP 2
Pwr 1 Def 0
Int 0 Agl 1
Skill Learned after
Monopolize 2 Levels
Intimidate 3 Levels
Steal 4 Levels
Will Accuracy up

D'Lonzo is a non-playable character who appears in Breath of Fire III. A skilled cat burglar, she is one of the masters that the player characters can study under in order to learn new skills.

As a Master[]

In order to unlock D'Lonzo as a master you must have 15 distinct weapons in your inventory, excluding weapons that are currently equipped. It is possible to unlock D'Lonzo when you first reach the Coffee Shop but it requires planning, see the Weapon Route section below. Once you become her apprentice, it might be wise to sell any weapons that are no longer needed for zenny.

In the beginning D'Lonzo is a very good master as she is the first master available to increase Agility and the only master who boosts Accuracy, which compliments Momo's naturally low hit rate. Later D'Lonzo is mostly outclassed by other masters such as Meryleep, but Momo always benefits from her tutelage.

Steal is very valuable in the early game because until Rei returns to the party this is the only chance to gain non-drop items from enemies. This is especially useful for bosses as they almost always have stat boosting items, which are quite rare.

Monopolize focusses all EXP gained from a battle into the user, so it is good for power-levelling characters. For example since Peco joins the party at level 1 they can use it to catch up quickly, or if you want to focus on a particular master you can give Monopolize to their apprentice to speed things up. (In fact if Peco at Level 1 monopolizes against a Vulcan in their "activated" form he will gain 8 levels, which is exactly enough to master Hondara!) When used in conjunction with Ivory Dice a character can easily gain the maximum amount of EXP possible from an encounter (65,535) from the dragon boss Elder, which is a typical speed-game strategy.

Weapon Route[]

In total 17 weapons are accessible before the party first reaches D'Lonzo (see below). Only non-equipped items count toward your total, so if a character equips a duplicate weapon then it won't decrease the inventory count. Characters cannot unequip weapons, and you will have had 5 characters overall in your party at this point, so it follows that you will need at least 3 duplicates to reach fifteen inventory weapons. Ryu, Rei, Teepo, and Nina can each have duplicates (see below), but Momo has no duplicate weapons available at this point. Therefore the maximum possible number of weapons in your inventory when D'Lonzo is first encountered is 16. Since she only requires fifteen weapons it's possible to miss exactly 1 and still apprentice under her. For example, if Ryu didn't pick up the Melted Blade in the first scene of the game, then the party will have to either shell out 2400z in Wyndia for the Claymore or wait until after the Contest of Champions where they can purchase the Moon Sword.

The nature of the story before encountering D'Lonzo makes most of the weapons accessible only in limited intervals, and the Melted Blade is a unique item which is only available in the Prologue. As such, it's typically best that the party collects a weapon as soon as they have access, with some exceptions. Significantly, if the party holds off on buying the Scramasax in Genmel they can find it in Meryleep's Pond for free, immediately after reaching D'Lonzo.

The following is a list of all weapons which can be obtained before or directly after meeting D'Lonzo, in the order the can be obtained, and the available methods of obtaining them. Note: the price of weapons in Genmel shows the price before and after applying the Flier discount.

Weapon Purchase Find
Melted Blade ~ Mogu's corpse in Prologue.
Dagger ~ Default equipment on Ryu.
Default equipment on Teepo.
Ballock Knife McNeil Village: 100z. Default equipment on Rei.
Mt. Glaus caverns.
Bronze Sword McNeil Village, Wyndia: 240z. ~
Pointed Stick ~ Stolen from and dropped by Man Trap.
Bent Sword ~ Mt. Glaus caverns.
Mt. Boumore shack.
Pilfer from Goblin.
Silver Knife Manillo Shop west of Farm. Momo's Tower.
Broad Sword Wyndia: 600z.
Genmel: 600z(420z).
McNeil Manor roof.
Rare drop from NutTroop (1/128).
Oaken Staff ~ Default equipment on Nina.
Claymore Wyndia: 2500z. ~
Mace Wyndia: 400z.
Genmel: 400z(280z).
Scramasax Genmel: 1200z(840z). Meryleep's Pond.
Magician Rod Genmel: 780z(546z). ~
Rippers Genmel: 600z(420z). ~
Ammo ~ Default equipment on Momo.
Flame Chrysm ~ Momo's Tower.
Ice Chrysm ~ Momo's Tower.

Based on the above data, what follows is a suggested weapon collection route which minimizes the total zenny cost to 1486z. It goes without saying that all collection events in the early game are time-sensitive. It's important to equip Teepo and Rei with duplicates before Balio and Sunder.

  • Ryu and Teepo start with Daggers (duplicate). Rei starts with a Ballock Knife.
  • Get 2 Pointed Sticks (duplicate) from Man Traps.
  • Pick up Ballock Knife (duplicate) and Bent Sword in Nu's cave on Mt. Glauss.
  • Buy Bronze Sword for 240z.
  • Buy Silver Knife from Farm Manillo for 2 Trout and 2 Rainbow Trout if you want, otherwise it is found in Momo's Tower.
  • Pick up Broad Sword on McNeil Manor roof.
  • Nina starts with Oaken Staff.
  • Buy Mace, Magician Rod, and Rippers in Genmel for 280z + 546z + 420z = 1246z.
  • Pick up Bent Sword (duplicate) on Mt. Boumore. If you go through the door on the right you've missed it!
  • Momo starts with Ammo.
  • Find Ice Chrysm and Fire Chrysm in Momo's Tower.
  • Find Scramasax in Faerie Pond.

This route collects 16 distinct weapons, and produces duplicate weapons for Ryu, Teepo, Rei, and Nina, but not Momo. This brings the inventory total to 15.

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