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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Boss
サイクロプス Saikuropusu (Cyclops)
Cyclops 3D
Level HP AP
17 440 30
Attack Defense Magic Speed
70 42 28 28
Move AB Defense XP
30 - 70
Fire Ice Lightning
100% 100% 100%
Dark Death Holy
50% Immune Immune
Attack Defense Magic Speed Move
Immune 25% 75% Immune Immune
Poison Confusion Sleep
25% Immune Immune
Bind Stun Frozen
Immune Immune 25%
Location Old Waste Shaft
Steal Ogre Slice
Drop -
Abilities Spiritcharge

Cyclops is an enemy found in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Characterized by a large single eye, the cyclops is a towering Genic built for warfare. In spite of its size, it can run fast enough to gain on a freight lift.

Warning: spoilers ahead

Lin, a Trinity agent, controlled a cyclops during an attack on the freight lift. Lin manages to destroy the lift, knocking Ryu into the Old Waste Shaft. When Ryu encounters the cyclops again, it is holding a young girl captive. Fueled by the power of the dragon and his determination to save the girl, he drives his sword into the creature, gravely wounding it.


This a battle that Ryu must fight alone. While the cyclops is the first boss encountered, it should not be underestimated at low levels. It hits hard, so it's important to maintain a high HP. Taking advantage of the cyclops' limited mobility by moving just outside of its attack range, will reduce the damage taken and healing item consumption. It will occasionally cast Spiritcharge to augment its attack strength. When its HP is halved, it will become angry and gain the ability to attack twice, enough to kill Ryu in a single round unless he is close to maximum health.


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