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Cura2, also known as Rejuvenate is a is a healing spell the recovers mediocre amount of HP, usually twice the amount restored by Heal.

Breath of Fire[]

This spell restores 100 Hp and costs 6 AP to use.

  • Nina: Learns at level 9.

Breath of Fire II[]

Cure 2 still restores 100 HP and costs 7 AP to use.

Breath of Fire III[]

Rejuvenate is usually one of the most used healing spells. It costs 7 AP to use.

  • Ryu: Level 10.
  • Momo: Level 19.
  • Peco: Level 20.
  • Ryu can also use it when transformed using any combination involving Eldritch gene.

Breath of Fire IV[]

Rejuvenate is still one of the most used healing spells. It costs 9 AP to use.