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Cura1 (リリフ, Ririfu?), also known as Heal and Cure 1, is a weak single target healing spell.

Breath of FireEdit

"This cure spell recovers as many as 50 Hit Points"
— Manual description

Cura1 is the weakest healing spell. When used it heals 50 HP (10 HP when used by monsters). It costs 3 AP to use.

  • Nina: Starts with it.
  • Bo: Starts with it.

Breath of Fire IIEdit

"Recover 40 HP"
— Description

Cure 1 is still the weakest healing spell in the game, though here it's less cost effective. When used it heals 40 HP. It costs 4 AP to use.

  • Ryu: Level 7.
  • Bow: Level 2.
  • Rand: Starts with it.
  • Spar: Starts with it.

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

Heal is still the weakest of all healing spells. It costs 4 AP to cast.

  • Ryu: Starts with it.
  • Momo: Starts with it.

Breath of Fire IVEdit

This variation of the spell Heal is the mosy expensive as it costs 5 AP to cast.

  • Nina: Starts with it.
  • Scias: Starts with it.
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