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Mikba, leader of the organization

The Crime Organization is a group of villainous individuals led by Mikba in Breath of Fire III.

The organization are involved in a number of illicit activities including: extortion, murder, fight fixing, and theft just to name a few. The headquarters of the crime organization is located in Syn City. Members of the organization are known to look out for each other. Balio and Sunder were sent to assist McNeil after he was robbed by Rei, Teepo, and Ryu.

Later, Balio and Sunder kidnap Ryu and Nina and hold them prisoner in Genmel. Once they escape, Balio and Sunder call in assistance from the organization to track them down and to block all the roads. Upon their recapture, they are forced to fight in the Genmel tournament. After they escape for the second time and defeat Balio and Sunder with the help of Garr, the organization is not heard from again until many years into the future, when Ryu is an adult.

After encountering Rei in the Cedar Woods as an adult, upon visiting Syn City, Ryu discovers that the entire town has being attacked by Rei to find Mikba. As Mikba attempts to flee through Dauna Checkpoint, the party ambushes him and, upon Mikba's defeat, the criminal organization falls apart without its former leader.

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