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Creeping Clan
First appearance: Breath of Fire II
Other appearances: Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Home: SimaFort
Leader(s): King Potopo

The Creeping Clan are a tribe of anthropomorphic frogs whose home country is SimaFort. Their manner of speech resembles a French accent and they are renowned for their artistic talents and culinary prowess. Members of this clan range from cooks to sailors to professional fishermen.

Clan Abilites[]

Members of the Creeping Clan are also naturally amphibious and able to breathe underwater. During the time that Breath of Fire II is set, they have the ability to transform into giant frogs. However, by the time of Breath of Fire III their control over this ability has diminished, to the point that one member of the Creeping Clan who experiments with the ability seems to become permanently stuck in frog form.[1]


Generally speaking, members of the Creeping Clan rarely leave their home of SimaFort where they lead carefree lives under the monarchical rule of the Royal Family. Members of the Creeping Clan love the arts and most members regularly express themselves through music, painting, and cooking. Food made by the Creeping Clan is unique in the fact that they usually have bugs as active ingredients. Although the food may not taste bad, the fact it is made of bugs usually deters members of other tribes from eating Creeping Clan dishes.

Notable Members[]

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  1. Breath of Fire III game script, "I was experimenting with shapechanging and got stuck like this. They say my people used to be able to change shape whenever they wanted, though..."