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Cove (aka "Island of Fire")
火の山島 Hi no Yama Shima (Volcanic Island)
Island of Fire
Ship Graveyard
Salt Sea Region
"When the power of the Endless increases in the world, it begins to affect creatures sensitive to their aura, like that one. They absorb some of that power, and think themselves gods. And since Ryu is not whole...Since there are two of him, the balance of power may be out of whack as well."
Deis to the party on the nature of the "God"

Cove is a location within Breath of Fire IV in the Salt Sea Region.

Sailors do their best to avoid the Cove and merely call it "Island of Fire". Strange phenomena occur on a frequent basis such as a lack of wind that makes navigation impossible.

Many shipwrecks can be found, scattered around this inhospitable place, bearing silent whitness to the broken ships and fallen sailors. The place is rumored to be haunted, and there is some truth to this - Will-o'-Wisps and moving skulls are frequent inside the ship. The salty air and mold has rendered the wooden planks fragile, which further aggravates navigating this place. There is a cavern inside the area where bones and a fierce monster reside.


As Ryu, Nina and the others make their crossing from Shikk to Lyp on a ship, the wind suddenly stops. Zig remarks that this must be an ill omen, as they are close to the Island of Fire. Iggy suggests that the party can examine the cursed island with a dingy, so they head over.

Island of Fire god

The "god" of the Island

They spot a shipwreck and head inside, where they are greeted by a will-o'-wisp. It allows them for safe passage as they head deeper into the cave. Eventually, they reach the local "God" inside a cavern. Deis remarks that it is definitely not an Endless, but rather a creature that gained sentience due to the Yorae Dragon's effect on the world. The creature demands a sacrifice and attacks the party who fell it after a rough battle.

Ryu and the others head back to the ship and proceed their journey to Lyp, now that the wind has come back.


Item Location
Burnt Plug (x3) Inside ship, navigate the plans with the help of the will-o'-wisp
Ring of Fire Inside ship, navigate the plans with the help of the will-o'-wisp
1500z Leave ship to the right, on outer section inside chest
Panacea (2x) Path leading to the "God", detour to west inside a chest


Enemy Comment
MaskCrab Found outside on first screen
Krabby Found outside on first screen
Gulper Inside haunted ship
Istalk Inside haunted ship
Sepoy Inside haunted ship and cave
Bollor Inside haunted ship and cave
Rollob Inside haunted ship and cave
Wizard lower path leading to the "God"
Glebe the local "God" that wreaks havoc
Loam Minion of the "God"
???? treasure chest minion


  • The sailors call the area "Fire Island" whereas it is called "Cove" on the map.
  • A will-o'-wisp in literature is often used to indicate the soul of a deceased, much like a ghost.
  • This story part mirrors Fou-Lu's fight with a similar Mountain God inside Mt. Yogy.


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