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A Counter (反撃, Hangeki, Counterattack) also known as Cntr, CtrAttck or Reprisal. Is a recurring mechanic in the Breath of Fire series. As its name implies, it consists of returning fire to an adversary upon taking damage, most specifically, physical damage. In all instances a Counter is merely a normal attack. Both player characters and enemies are capable of countering one another although not cummulatively. The chances of a counter differ from each individual. Some characters have innately higher counter rate than others, while some equipment is also capable of boosting counter chances. Main series' protagonist Ryu for one is well known for having above average counter rates.


Breath of Fire[]

A counter is known as a Cntr. It triggers upon receiving a normal attack.

Breath of Fire II[]

In this game a counter is known as a CtrAttck. It triggers upon receiving a normal attack.

Breath of Fire III[]

Counters are now known as Reprisals in this game, and have some differences than in previous titles. Reprisals can trigger upon receiving different kinds of Physical Damage not just normal attacks, therefore skills are more than capable of triggering Reprisals.

Although Reprisals typically consist of normal attacks, the game introduces the first exception to this rule. At the start of the game when the player takes control of Ryu during the Dauna Mine he will be in his Whelp form. Any attack done to Ryu at this point will result in an immediate reprisal with Whelp Breath, instantly charring his attackers and finishing the battle.

Breath of Fire IV[]

Counters trigger upon receiving a normal attack.