コットの砦 コットの砦 (Kott Fortress)
Cot Land

CotLnd is a location within Breath of Fire II. It serves as the headquarters of the resistance againt the Church of St. Eva.

Role in Breath of Fire IIEdit

CotLnd consists of a dilapidated house and barn, which have been repurposed as the de facto home of a resistance group fighting against the Church of St. Eva. The town possesses a few lines of defense, including a row of boulders and an armored guard.

First visitEdit

The boulders can be destroyed by Katt's field ability, and the guard will grant the party entrance only if they have already traveled to Evrai and met Claris, the Resistance's mole within the church.

Return from EvraiEdit

The party meets the Resistance's leader, Tiga, who immediately develops romantic feelings for Katt. Since the party has their suspicions about the Church as well but has no funding. The group has a sponsor, who is travelling abroad trying to secure funding for their missions, past due to make contact who was last heard from at ThvsTomd.

Return from ThvsTomdEdit

Having returned empty handed from ThvsTomd, the party finds out that the sponsor was none other than Patty. Finding Patty and Tiga together in the barn, Katt once again inquires about Tiga's assistance, Tiga continues his advances and gets it in his head that Ryu is a challenger to his suitorship. If Ryu disagrees with any of Tiga's questions, a battle ensues and Ryu loses. After a cutscene of a conversation between Katt and Tiga at night, the party awakens to find that the Resistance has proceeded to Bando.

Baretta has updated her store's wares.

Return from BandoEdit

The party discusses plans to attack Evrai and checks your knowledge of St. Eva's Teachings. Then they set off for Evrai.

After EvraiEdit

After the destruction of Evrai, CotLnd becomes abandoned.


Unlike the other towns in the game, it does not possess any shops or an inn, since it's more of a base of operations than a true town.

Notable ResidentsEdit


  • None
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