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The Contest of Champions (漢羅狂烈大武会, Kanra Kyouretsu Daimukai?, lit. "The Great Martial Contest for Extremely Violent Men") is an event that occurs within Breath of Fire III. The contest takes place in the Arena, located in Genmel.

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

The Contest of Champions is a tournament overseen by the notorious gangsters Balio and Sunder. They effectively taken over the event and have its manager selling tickets at the entry. It is hinted that the whole contest is a clandestine betting ring which the Horsemen duo utilize for profit.

After Ryu and his party are once more captured by Balio and Sunder, they are brought to Genmel where they seek to get rid of them once and for all. Nina, however proposes they participate to win their freedom. Balio agrees thinking they can make quick money out of people not knowing of the party's strength. He allows them a degree of freedom but has one of the party (Momo or Peco) hostage so that they cannot escape.

The party has their first encounter against Patrio's team in three one-on-one matches and successfully defeat them. On the next encounter they fight Emitai, a skilled wizard hampered by the Null Magic Hall, so he tries to convince the party to lose in purpose claiming that his daughter is sick and needs money for medical treatment. The party is sympathetic but unable to help as they have a friend hostage forcing Emitai to empower his two Golems to do the fight for him but is ultimately defeated, and later it is revealed his story was in fact a lie he made to con Ryu's party into dropping the match, as he is scolded by his wife for losing.

The party's final battle is a one-on-one between Ryu and the champion Garr. Balio and Sunder warn Garr that Ryu is a Dragon which piques Garr's interest. Garr warns Ryu to fight with all his might or else he will be killed. Despite Ryu's efforts, he is beaten so Garr is awarded anything he demands as his reward. To everyone's surprise he wants Ryu and his party, much to Balio and Sunder's disbelief and are ultimately threatened into submission to comply.

Balio and Sunder agree to Garr's demands as they leave their office. Garr tells Ryu to go to the Angel Tower where he can learn more about his origins as he will wait for him there. Secretly Balio and Sunder are puzzled as to why Garr would betray them. Ultimately Balio decides the children have pestered them too much to let them go free so he rallies all his henchmen in the area to go after them.

The Contest[]

The contest consists of 3 fights in different halls, each with their own set of rules.

Hall of Fire[]

This hall has the most interesting set-up. Before the fight, the party must chose their combat order, and then they fight one-on-one battles against Patrio's team, with the combatants standing on platforms held up by Dodai. If a combatant falls, they are replaced with the next combatant on their team, and the opposing combatant does not get a chance to heal. The enemy party's order is Claw, Cawer, and finally Patrio.

A team wins under two possible conditions: either they defeat all members of the opposing team, or they defeat the other team's Dodai.

Null Magic Hall[]

As its name suggests, in this hall no one can cast any spells. Your enemy is Emitai, a magic user, and his two "boys" who enter the hall as Golems. Apparently transformations don't count as spells, because Ryu can use Accession. Physical-based Skills such as Double Blow and Air Raid are also usable here, despite costing AP to use, which can be taken advantage of.

If Emitai falls in battle, his Golems will lose control and attack each other.

Hall of Kings[]

In the Hall of Kings Ryu must fight Garr alone. This fight is unwinnable.

Notable Participants[]