Coffee Shop
茶屋 Chaya (Tea House)
Coffie shop02

The Coffee Shop is a location within Breath of Fire III.


Ryu, Nina, and Momo decides to stop by here to dine and relax for a bit. While resting, they find out that the road to Wyndia and the Eastern Checkpoint have both been blocked off by Balio & Sunder's men. In the midst of trying to think of what to do now, an old man comes over and starts talking to Momo. It turns out that this guy is Palet and he runs the Plant where crops are grown using chrysm energy. This is the same plant where Momo's father Repsol used to work. He explains that there are some problems down at the Plant, and Momo agrees to help out (since they have nothing else to do anyway because the roads are blocked).

Later in the game, during the Adolescent chapters, the Coffee Shop is revisited in order to obtain Vinegar for the shisu recipe. Garr is needed to draw water from the well in order to obtain four units of Vinegar. After obtaining the Vinegar, the Coffee Shop's role in the story ends.


Game DataEdit


Item Price
Healing Herb10 Z
Croc Tear5 Z
Antidote12 Z
Eye Drops20 Z
Molotov10 Z
Ammonia200 Z
Wooden Rod40 Z
Worm20 Z
Toad20 Z
Old Popper20 Z
Sinker20 Z

Notable ResidentsEdit