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Chrysm (ゴースト, Goosuto?, lit. "Ghost") is a variety of ore that plays an important role in the plot of Breath of Fire III.

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

Chrysm is the fossilized remains of living beings, filled with magical power and is sought as a prized energy source for daily life. It can be used to power various machines, such as the Lighthouse.

Momo's mechanical companion Honey is powered by Chrysm. Chrysm is also used by Momo for her bazooka as ammo; such as her Flame Chrysm and Ice Chrysm in particular which accordingly, have elemental properties.

Chrysm is hazardous, however, as it easily explodes, and can cause mutations through radiation, as the Plant had problems with mutant vegetables and later poisonous gases in the greenhouses. The Mutant was an example of chrysm energy bringing about unwanted life.

Because Chrysm comes from living beings, they also carry the essence of life itself within them which can be utilized for other purposes. The most notable case are the Chrysm remains of members of the Dragon Clan, also known as the Brood. When Ryu comes into contact with these, they transfer to him the power of the Dragon Clan via the genetic code found within, bestowing him with a multitude of abilities. Theoretically it can also be used to revive the dead, but it needs other components as well to succeed, although the only attempted case was thwarted, therefore leaving its success rate undetermined.

In truth, Chrysm is blessed with Myria's power as a conduct to provide her "little world" with the means of self-sufficiency therefore keeping the populace coddled and protected, and it is one of the ways she has to ensure control over the world, with its inhabitants largely ignorant of this fact.


Chrysm is an original term coined by the creators of the game. Since the word describes a crystalline ore, it's possible that it is portmanteau of "crystal" and "prism". However, the term is also very similar to "chrism," the holy oil used for anointing individuals in various Christian denominations.