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Breath of Fire II Boss
チロル Chiroru (Tyrol)
60 0
Off Def Magic Vuln
58 38 1
Agi Luck Immunity
55 5 -
EXP Coins
40 40
Location DryWell
Drop Herb
Drop rate -
Abilities -
Type -
Info Battle will end when either the Chiroru or the possessed villager is killed

Chiroru is an enemy that appears in Breath of Fire II. They are only found in DryWell.


After defeating the Terapin in the well in the center of Capitan, the party and Ray need to escape the well before it floods. Ray holds off the water while the party saves villagers possessed by Chirorus.


Although relatively weak, Chiroru is treated by the game as a boss enemy. When fighting them, care must be taken to target only the creature, and not the townsfolk that is has attached itself to. Using the "Auto-battle" command therefore poses a risk, as do spells which target multiple enemies.

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