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チクア村 Chikua Mura (Chiqua Village)
Zhinga Mts.; Western Continent

Chiqua is a town that appears in Breath of Fire IV. It is a lakeside community that serves a commercial hub for the Zhings Mts. region. The party can first access it after crossing the Shan River.


Chiqua is mercantile and fishing community . Various Manillo merchants, fishermen and citizens can be found here. The diet seems to consist primarily of fish and tropical fruit. In contrast to the similar community of Lyp, Chiqua seems to be home to a less transient populace, as there are houseboats to be found throughout the town.


Like Lyp, Chiqua is a stilt community composed with nearly the entire town built upon wooden piers with additional piers serving as bridges between structures.

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

Chiqua Sense of place

Meeting the local merchant.

Ryu and his party arrive in Chiqua after crossing the sea from Shikk and heading down the flats of the Northern Islands to the mainland.

In order to continue their journey to the capital, it is necessary to supply the merchant Fu Chuman with one of three rare items in exchange for information: a rare relic from the ruins (the Dragon Gene that unlocks the Mutant transformation), a piece of Koshka pottery which is fairy inexpensive but takes rather long to craft, or fish for a dish called shishu, which consists of three different types of fish that need to be caught around the world. Once the party has received the desired item, they return to the merchant and fulfill his request.

He now explains that there is a River to the South which can be used to travel to Chedo. The party then proceeds further on their journey. If they talk to Fu Chuman again, he will exchange items with them to further the Treasure Ball Sidequest. They can also speak to the Creeping Clan fisherman in order to gain access to a new Fishing Spot (Lake 3).


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Inn (diary)

Weapon Shop

Weapon Price
Feather Sword 9600z
Rune Staff 8000z
Crusher 9400z
Arquebus 6800z
Silver Mail 6800z
Magma Armor 9300z
UV Goggles 3000z
Poison Ward 2500z

Item Shop

Item Price
Hanger 80z
Toad 80z
Tail 80z
Vitamin 100z
Antidote 12z
Panacea 100z
Ammonia 250z

Manillo Store

Item Price
Skull Staff Jellyfish (10x) Man-o'-War (10x)
Chopsticks Martian Squid (2x) Octopus (2x)
Repeater Spearfish (1x) Bonito (3x)
Giant Club Black Porgy (x2) Sea Bream (6x)
Power Glove Black Porgy (x2) Sea Bream (6x)
Force Armor Spearfish (x1) Angler (1x) Flatfish (5x)
Holy Robe Spearfish (1x) Angler (1x) Octopus (5x)
Aurum Sea Bass (3x)

Notable Residents[]


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