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関所 Sekisho
Shikk Region; Eastern Continent

The Checkpoint is a location in the Shikk Region of the Eastern Continent in Breath of Fire IV. It serves as a border check between the regions of the world. Its only facilities, aside from the manned front gate, are two warehouses and a well. Due to continuing tensions between the various regions, the checkpoint is closed and no one is allowed through.


Negotiation fail

Negotiations have failed.

Ryu, Nina and the others arrive at Checkpoint after their arduous crossing of Mt. Giga. Still tired from this crossing, they cannot proceed further to the town of Shikk.

A traveler informs the party that they cannot cross, upon which Ursula suggests to use brute force in order to make their way past the guards. The party is not amused by this brash suggestion, so Cray asks Ryu to have an eye on her. He wants to settle things peacefully, so he walks over to the two guards in order to talk it out.

Leap Checkpoint

An unconventional solution!

Both guards however immediately realize that he is the chief of the Worens and since he is wanted by Ludia, they decide to seize him and attack. After this event, several soldiers approach the party and they escape. Nina has a clever idea to make use of the carts on site and jump across them over the gate. In the blink of an eye, they realize this idea and easily evade the guards. At long last, they can continue their way to Shikk and maybe make a small detour to reach Su Ryong along the way.


Inn free of charge, inside warehouse

Manillo Store

Item Price
Barrier Ring Salmon (1x) Rainbow Trout (2x) Browntail (4x)
Light Bangle Martian Squid (2x) Blue Gill (2x) Piranha (4x)
Diamond Ring Salmon (1x) Rainbow Trout (2x) Browntail (4x)
Astral Ward Dorado (x1) Black Bass (x4) Bass (x6)
Body Ward Dorado (x1) Black Bass (x4) Bass (x6)
Soul Ring Sturgeon (x1) Salmon (x2) Bullcat (x2)
Topaz Tear Barandy (x1) Dorado (2x) Martian Squid (2x)
Aurum Bass (3x)


Item Location
Ginseng (x3) Found on top of a few crates, cart needs to be moved, jump over to access chest via warehouse rooftop




  • The thief who accompanied the party on their first ride with the sandflier can be found here
  • The traveler NPC mentions a forest on the way to Shikk where a great sage tree lives. This is none other than the Su Ryong, the Tree Dragon
  • The same BGM as in regular Chamba can be heard


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