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Southern coast village

Cerl is a non-playable character that appears in Breath of Fire. She is a recurring antagonist throughout the game and one of the Dark Dragon Army's top generals. However, unlike her peers, the party never directly battles her.

Role in Breath of Fire[]

Cerl is a general in Zog's army who apparently turns into a centaur-like creature with mantis-like claws for arms when angered.

She grew up in the southern coast village near the Holiday Tree, along with her childhood sweetheart Alen, but was expelled because she wasn't human. She stole the Time Key from Tunlan and used it to stop time around Carmen, freezing everyone in town at the time.

When the party finds Cerl in Tock, Cerl boasts her time-controlling power (thanks to the Time Key) and overlooks through Carmen. She's shocked to find Alen in Carmen, just as time and space begin to distort.

After being expelled from Tock, Ryu returns to Carmen and the party learns that Alen and Cerl are childhood friends. Alan and the party argue about Cerl's current affiliations with the Dark Dragons, and Alen, in disbelief, runs to Tock to confront Cerl, and the party follows behind him. Back in Tock, he and the party learn that Cerl has suppressed her childhood memories, and Cerl badly injures Alen. After a short fight, Cerl pulls the Time Key out and threatens to kill Carmen's residents through old age, and the party chooses to retreat. Time and space distort once again, and Ryu and Nina reappear in front of Cerl's castle, whose doors won't open.

After learning through Alan about Cerl's troubled past and obtaining fruit from the Holiday Tree (Cerl's favorite fruit), Cerl opens up the doors to her castle, where she has a change of heart, realizing that injuring Alan has destroyed her desire to fight. Cerl gives the Time Key to the party just as Goda bursts through the wall. Cerl allows the party to retreat safely, and asks them to restore Carmen to present time. The castle, along with Cerl, appear to be affected by a time distortion field. This causes the castle to crumble into ruins, just as Alan enters the castle to help Cerl.

After Nina alters the timeline again, and the party heads to Scande, a young Cerl and a young Alen are seen playing at the site where the castle once stood. Young Cerl proclaims that she'll marry Alen when she grows up, and the two run off into the distance.


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