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Carronade front

Main Gun sticks out of the city borders

The Carronade is a giant cannon from Breath of Fire IV, located in Astana. It fires giant hex shots, which destroy entire cities. It somewhat resembles intercontinental nuclear missiles in the modern world due to its poisoning effect upon the damaged territory, similar to that of a nuclear explosion. The hex is analogous to the radioactive fallout of such a bomb. To prepare and charge another shot, the Carronade needs a human sacrifice. It is stated in the game that the damage and maliciousness of the hex depends on the sacrificed person. The stronger the emotional connection a sacrificed person had to a target, the more damage the target will take. During the game Carronade fires only once - using Mami as the sacrifice - in a vain attempt to destroy Fou-Lu.

Carronade red button

"Red Button"

After each shot the Carronade overheats and therefore an Aqueduct has been made to cool it. The Carronade garrison is commanded by Yuna. He once said that the victims of the Carronade die too soon, not permitting them to extract enough suffering for the weapon. Therefore he is performing experiments in the basement to create a being, that can suffer for eternity and not die at the same time (Elina).


  • The use of the Carronade is similar to the weapon system of Highfort, the castle can be turned into a weapon that powers off emotions, the stronger the feelings felt by the person being used to power it the stronger the weapon.