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Breath of Fire II Enemy
クリスタルカメオ Kurisutarukameo (Crystal Cameo)
Bof ckameo
219 30
Off Def Magic Vuln
246 164 0
Agi Luck Immunity
70 39 -
EXP Coins
776 205
Location Grand Church (cannot be encountered without cheat codes).
Drop IronSH
Drop rate 2
Abilities -
Type Aquatic
Info Can only be found in the game's coding or through cheating devices.

C.Kameo is one of four naturally unreachable enemies found in Breath of Fire II. It's sprite is a different colored version of the one used for the enemy Conch. It can be encountered inside the Grand Church main hall, but is only located in rooms where random battles don't normally occur, although this can be circumvented with cheat codes (like 7E0C86=04). As C.Kameo, appears earlier in the game than Conch, it is the original version of the enemy, while Conch is the palette swapped version.


The monster's Japanese name, "Crystal Kameo", appears to refer to a cameo, which a piece of jewelry carved in relief. However, it could also be a portmanteau for kame, which means turtle in Japanese.