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The original Breath of Fire has been subject to several re-releases, beginning with a 2001 enhanced port on the Game Boy Advance. This has been followed by re-releases of the SNES version on Wii U Virtual Console, New 3DS Virtual Console, and, most recently, on Nintendo Switch Online.

Version differences[]

Super Famicom[]

Released on April 3, 1993, this is the original version of the game.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System[]

Released on August 10, 1994, the North American Squaresoft localization was largely identical to the original Japanese game. Technical limitations, the content policies of Nintendo of America, and Squaresoft's publishing of the game instead of Capcom, resulted in a few changes to certain graphical and textual elements.

Introductory Screens[]

The Capcom logo and jingle were replaced with the Squaresoft logo screen. Additional screens including Capcom and Squaresoft copyrights are displayed.

Character, Item, and Location Names[]

User Interface[]

Content Issues[]

Enemy Behavior[]

P-Bug/Graniddo: In the Japanese version, the enemy Graniddo (グラニッド) will usually attack the player with a small chance of using a Poison move, which doesn't do immediate damage but inflicts Poison status on the player. In the English version (where it is known as P-Bug), it will Poison you every time.[1]

Game Boy Advance[]

Wii U (Virtual Console)[]

New 3DS (Virtual Console)[]

Nintendo Switch Online[]