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According to the series lore, Breath of fire II's story takes place 500 years after the events of the original Breath of Fire.

Breath of fire 2 is about a an orphan boy named Ryu Bateson who lost his mother at a young age due to an unknown incident.

One day he was tasked to find his younger sister, Yua. Upon finding her he returned to his village to find both her and his father missing with no one remembering him or his family and a new priest replacing his father called Father Hulk.

Later that night Ryu encounters a Thief disguised as an orphan Named Bow,the duo both agrees to leave the small village and look for a bigger they venture though a cave they stumble upon Barubary who tests Ryu to see if he's worthy of being the "Destined Child".

Years pass and the two becomes Rangers,one day Bow's love Interest Mina asks the to go look for her pet Suzy,they eventually find him about to be eaten by an old man called NIro.

The following night while Ryu was asleep Bow received a job Offer from Kilgore to recover a stolen item called "The Magic Hood", during the heist he comes across "A woman that looks like a bat" and gets accused of stealing from Trout so he asks Ryu to take him to Niro while disguised as a Trash can and go after her and prove his innocence.

Following the leads the townspeople gave him Ryu finds himself in Coursair.After investigating in a bar he gets rumors that the bat woman was a fighter in the Colosseum but the only one who can enter is a Woodcutter named Baba.After Defeating Baba he gives Ryu his Ax to enter in his place in the colosseum battle,After an interview with the Dir.HR you receive an audience with "the Manager" who bribes Ryu to kill his opponent.After Ryu leaves,The manager Instructs the Guards To shoot poisonous needles in the ring after the battle.Just before entering the ring Ryu meets Rand who asks him to buy antidotes with the bribe after failing to convince the woman that she's in danger.