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ブレスオブファイア3メモリアルブック 失われた竜を求めて
Buresu obu Faia 3 Memoriaru Bukku Ushinawa Reta Ryuu o Motomete
Breath of Fire III Memorial Book: Search for The Lost Dragons
Type: Art Book
Released: December 15, 1997
Publisher: Koei Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 4877195246

Breath of Fire III Memorial Book: Search for The Lost Dragons is an art and lore book released exclusively in Japan on December 15, 1997. It was published by Koei.

The 111-page art book contains illustrations, concept art, screenshots, and information on the the world of Breath of Fire III, its characters, and its lore. A developer interview is also included, along with an overview of the Breath of Fire universe and a retrospective on the stories and characters of Breath of Fire and Breath of Fire II.

Table of Contents[]

  • Character Introduction (p. 4)
    • Ryu (p. 6)
    • Nina (p. 14)
    • Garr (p. 22)
    • Rei (p. 28)
    • Momo (p. 34)
    • Peco (p. 40)
    • Teepo (p. 46)
  • The World of "Breath of Fire III" (p. 50)
    • Locale Introduction - Wyndia Kingdom (p. 52)
    • Residents (p. 72)
    • Essay - "The Age of Dragons" (p. 80)
    • What is Magic? (p. 84)
    • Local Pride - The Master Appears (p. 88)
    • Developer Interview (p. 92)
    • Another World of Breath of Fire (p. 95)


  • Planning: Tadashi Nishikori (STUDIO HARD Production Division 2) / Koei Publishing Department
  • Configuration Edit: Tadashi Nishikori (STUDIO HARD Production Division 2)
  • Manuscript Writing: Tadashi Nishikori, Momoko Kawai, Megumi Ouuchi, Kima Kou
  • Editing Cooperation: Kenji Nemoto
  • Cover Illustration: Tatsuya Yoshikawa (Capcom Co., Ltd.)
  • Cover Design: Jun Matsui (Plus Plan)
  • Text Design: Jun Matsui (Plus Plan), Kenji Nojima (SOMKA)
  • Text Illustration: Yoshino Sasaki, Kyoko Seino, Masashi Matsumoto
  • Interview and Production Cooperation: Capcom Co., Ltd.
  • Issuer: Akira Erigawa
  • Publisher: Koei Co., Ltd. 223 1-18-12, Karincho, Kohoku Ward, Kihama City Phone 045 (561) 686
  • Printing/Binding: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.