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Breath of Fire III
Type: Strategy Guide
Released: 1998
Publisher: Prima
ISBN: 0761509240

Although Prima's guide is for the most part informative and reliable there are still some errors, mostly in the form of images and/or captions in the wrong place.

Balio and Sunder in Cedar Woods[]

The guide's most notable error is the claim that the party's first encounter against Balio and Sunder is winnable, with a chance of dropping a Broad Sword and/or an Asbestos Armor. This became possibly the longest-running unverified rumour of the game, causing many players to spend countless hours in vain. It is believed that the Prima guide was actually referring to the second battle against Balio and Sunder, in the Wyndia dungeon, since this battle IS winnable and has the given item drops.

A group of players calling itself "Dawn of Victory" formed with the intention of winning this battle by any means necessary. Several players attempted the battle using a Gameshark to max out their characters' stats but had no success; this led most players to suspect it was impossible, though there was still no proof. Finally, after the advent of PSX emulation, a hacker named "silvers" determined that although Balio and Sunder have finite HP, the damage they receive from the party has no effect on it. Moreover, if the player hacks a rom and flags them with a KO status then they will fall after one blow, but the game still treats it as a loss for the party. (Source: the "Balio and Sunder: the Age Old Question" section of DavidK519's walkthrough)

Although silvers' definitive analysis laid the rumour to rest, players who are not aware of it still point to Prima's guide as potential evidence that it's possible to defeat Balio and Sunder in Cedar Woods.