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Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter Original Soundtrack
Type: Soundtrack
Released: December 21, 2002
Publisher: Suleputer
Composer(s): Hitoshi Sakimoto, Chihiro Onitsuka

The original soundtrack of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarterwas originally commercially released exclusively in Japan on December 21, 2022. It was re-released in 2006 on Steam, marking its first English language commercial release.


The game's soundtrack composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, a newcomer to the series, who had previously composed music for such games as Final Fantasy Tactics and numerous titles in the Ogre Battle franchise. Development of each track was overseen by sound producer Yasunori Mitsuda. The game's ending theme, "Castle・imitation", was composed and sung by J-pop performer Chihiro Onitsuka who included the song on her 2002 album Sugar High.


The soundtrack received commercial acclaim from critics and industry publications with IGN hailing the game's score as "pure genius." It was nominated for "Best Original Music in a Game" at GameSpot's Best and Worst of 2003 awards,


Disc One[]

# Title Length
1. "Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter - Opening Animation"    
2. "The Beginning"    
3. "My Friends"    
4. "Ranger HQ"    
5. "LowSector Borough"    
6. "The Lift"    
7. "Sky Gazing"    
8. "Victory Feast"    
9. "BioCorp"    
10. "Origin"    
11. "Attack"    
12. "Abandoned Shaft"    
13. "Adversaries"    
14. "A Small Journey"    
15. "First Decision"    
16. "EndSector Borough"    
17. "Rulers of the World"    
18. "Painful Memories"    
19. "Ambush"    
20. "Danger Approaches"    
21. "Industrial Sector"    
22. "Somber Color"    
23. "Mad Heart"    
24. "Omens"    
25. "No Regrets"    
26. "Serenity`"    

Total Time:


Disc Two[]

# Title Length
1. "MidSector Borough"    
2. "Old Trade Sector"    
3. "The Trinity Pit"    
4. "Remaining Traces"    
5. "Lifeline"    
6. "TopSector Borough"    
7. "PowerOne"    
8. "A Moment of Joy"    
9. "Centre Regent Headquarters"    
10. "A Distant Call"    
11. "Reunion"    
12. "Losing Sight of Tomorrow"    
13. "Sealed"    
14. "Ending"    
15. "Castle-imitation (Breath of Fire V Dragon Quarter)"    
16. "Silver Tone"    
17. "The More We Dig"    
18. "Off with a Smile"    
19. "Kokon-Horay"    
20. "Prologue"    
21. "The True Path"    
22. "Breaking Through"    

Total Time: 73'52