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December 11, 2014Edit

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BoFV VioletZenoRender

Zeno is the Captain of the Rangers and superior to Bosch and Ryu. She sends Ryu and Bosch out on the guard duty mission that ends with Ryu meeting Nina. Bosch wishes she would start giving him more notable missions to increase his reputation but Zeno feels Bosch is too impetuous. (more...) (Vote!)

April 19, 2014Edit

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Breath of Fire 6 (ブレス オブ ファイア6 白竜の守護者たち, Buresu obu Faia 6 Hakuryuu no Shugosha-tachi, or Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragons, ?) is the upcoming next game in the Breath of Fire series. It was announced on August 1, 2013, and is expected to launch sometime in the summer of 2014. It is being produced by Kazunori Sugiura. (more...) (Vote!)

November 3rd, 2013Edit

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BoFIV Fou-LuArtwork 2

Fou-Lu is a character within Breath of Fire IV. He is an Endless, improperly summoned to the world by the Fou Empire, and is the other half of Ryu. Due to this, both share similar (although polar opposite) abilities and strengths. While initially a playable character at a few segments, he ends becoming the game's main antagonist by the end.

When he was summoned to the world, the summoning ritual was incomplete, so the soul of Fou-Lu was parted in two. The other part arrived in the world six-hundred years later than his alter-ego. Once Fou-Lu founded the Fou Empire, he fell into a deep slumber, awaiting Ryu. (more...) (Vote!)

September 2nd, 2013Edit

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BoF Ryu Artwork

Ryu is a character within the Breath of Fire series, and he is the central character of every game. Ryu is often one of the last surviving members of an ancient dragon clan and wields a sword as his weapon. Ryu's name translates to dragon, and in relations to that meaning, Nina's name translates to fire (although there are also several meanings for her name, but each meaning fits her character), which ties in perfectly to the theme of the series; this also ties in wonderfully to why Ryu and Nina are always the recurring characters in each story. (more...) (Vote!)

July 26th, 2013Edit

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BoFIII Momo Artwork

Momo is a reclusive scientist who holed herself up in a great tower after her father's, Repsol's, death in order to try to finish his incomplete research on the magical ore known as chrysm. She possesses a great deal of a natural genius probably inherited from her father. This intelligence comes with an unintentional arrogance that she exhibits by making claims that her father's research (and therefore some of her own) is great and probably infallible. Despite this however, she is a kind-hearted individual who's curiosity and intelligence drive her to finding new ways for science to benefit the world. (more...) (Vote!)

June 15th, 2012Edit

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"Someday, we're gonna blow this place and head out to a big city like Wyndia... right, Rei?"

Wyndia, also known as Winlan and alternatively spelled as Windia, is a recurring location in the Breath of Fire series. It is the castle of the royalty from the Wing Clan, and is usually situated higher above ground than most cities to allow it to benefit from the high winds. (more...) (Vote!)

January 8th, 2012Edit

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Breath of Fire:Featured Articles/Bleak

November 13th, 2011Edit

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BoFIV ErshinArtwork
"Was that an appropriate time to laugh?"
— Ershin

Ershin is a character within Breath of Fire IV. (more...) (Vote!)

August 2nd, 2010Edit

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Breath of Fire:Featured Articles/Checkpoint

July 26th, 2010Edit

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"Well, you see... There's this plant where they use chrysm to grow plants, see... And my father helped build it..."

Plant is a location within Breath of Fire III. (more...) (Vote!)

July 12th, 2010Edit

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Breath of Fire:Featured Articles/Guardian

July 5th, 2010Edit

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Breath of Fire:Featured Articles/Gramor

June 28th, 2010Edit

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"You're Ryu, aren't you? I am Ursula, of the Fou Imperial Army."
— Ursula

Ursula is a character within Breath of Fire IV. A prideful granddaughter of a military commander with fox-like features and skilled with guns. (more...) (Vote!)

June 21th, 2010Edit

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The Aqueduct is a location within Breath of Fire IV. It provides water to Astana to help cool the Carronade. (more...) (Vote!)

June 14th, 2010Edit

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Breath of Fire:Featured Articles/Shell Clan

June 7th, 2010Edit

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Griol Sprite
"Please, be at ease I am Griol, the patriarch of this village"
— Griol

Griol is a character within Breath of Fire III. He is the patriarch of Dragnier. He is one of the Brood who gave up his dragon abilities to escape the Goddess Myria and her Guardians. (more...) (Vote!)

May 31th, 2010Edit

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Steel Beach
"You should go down to Steel Beach. That's the best place to look for spare parts, see?"
— Chief

Steel Beach is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is the primary location for collecting machines as this is where the majority of them are washed up. The Porter's Guild controls the beach, therefore, permission is needed to enter. (more...) (Vote!)

May 24th, 2010Edit

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BoFIV SciasArtwork
"By the way, this is Scias. He's been assigned to watch over us so we don't run off."
Nina introduces Scias

Scias is a character within Breath of Fire IV. He was assigned to watch over Ryu and the party whilst Cray was put on trial. (more...) (Vote!)

May 17th, 2010Edit

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Steel Grave

Steel Grave is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is used to store all the broken and damaged machines that are no longer usable. (more...) (Vote!)

May 10th, 2010Edit

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Jono Sprite
"You've come... Welcome, Ryu... I am the Elder, Jono... Don't let my looks fool you--I'm a nice guy."
— Jono

Jono is a character within Breath of Fire III. He is the elder of the Brood and resides underground in Dragnier. (more...) (Vote!)

May 3rd, 2010Edit

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Breath of Fire:Featured Articles/Auria

April 26th, 2010Edit

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"Yep. This is Chedo all right. Built by the mighty God Emperor Fou-Lu to be the capital of his Empire."
— Citizen

Chedo is a location within Breath of Fire IV. It is the capital city of the Fou Empire. The vast majority of the city lay in ruins after A-tur was sent by Fou-Lu to destroy the city. (more...) (Vote!)

April 19th, 2010Edit

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BoFIII McNeilVillage 9
"Did you know the lord of this village is named McNeil? That's why it's named McNeil Village--simple, no?"
— Villager

McNeil Village is a location within Breath of Fire III. It is a small village located in the Yraall Region. The village is run by a greedy mayor, McNeil. (more...) (Vote!)

April 12th, 2010Edit

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Station Myria
"Last stop: Orbital Station Myria arrivals platform."
Caer Xhan announcement

Station Myria, alternatively known as Orbital Station Myria or Obelisk, is a recurring location within the Breath of Fire series. It is the home of the Goddess Myria. The station is always located thousands of feet above ground and, as revealed in Breath of Fire I, is able to move around in any direction. The origins of the station are unknown but it is believed that the goddess used her powers to create the station. (more...) (Vote!)

April 5th, 2010Edit

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"Rei's "little brother", Teepo is also an orphan who wanders the countryside with Rei stealing whatever he can to survive. Although his actions may seem rash and impulsive at times, he always mean well. Count on his powerful magic spells to get you through some rough spots. His physical attacks can be equally devastating. He and Ryu are linked in ways that won't surface until Ryu can decipher some mysteries of his Brood heritage."
— Prima strategy guide description

Teepo is a character within Breath of Fire III & Breath of Fire IV. He is a member of the dragon clan, also known as the Brood. A classic punk, he despises authority and loves to lash against it. Despite his gruff attitude, he cares deeply about Rei and Ryu for whom he considers brothers. (more...) (Vote!)

March 29th, 2010Edit

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"Right now, we're heading for a town called Lyp, in the Northern Islands. From there, they say we can cross over the shallows to Hesperia."

Lyp is a location within Breath of Fire IV. Due to its location, the town is comprised of various platforms and boats. There is no dry land within Lyp but it does connect to the shore. (more...) (Vote!)