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ボッシュ Bosshu (Bosch)
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Thief (Reformed)
December 16th
156 cm (5'1")
60 kg (132.3 lbs)
Personal Action

Bow is a playable character in Breath of Fire II. He has been Ryu's best friend and travelling companion since childhood. When the main portion of the game begins, they have been together for ten years and ultimately settled in HomeTown, where they have taken jobs as Rangers. The end credits reveal his full name to be Boche Doggy, implying that "Bow" might be a nickname.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

A member of the Grassrunner race, Bow becomes Ryu's best friend when they were both children. He uses crossbows in battle and is incredibly proficient with healing spells. Orphaned at a young age, Bow is worldly but has a carefree character. His field ability is "Hunt", which allows the party to acquire food from defeated enemies by his crossbow in hunting ranges.

Bow is the first party member acquired, and is a mandatory party member for the the first part of the game. After completing their first mission as Rangers, Bow gets caught up in a thievery scandal and is wrongfully blamed for the theft at the Trout Mansion. Bow is forced to go into hiding while his friend Ryu sets out to find the real thief and clear Bow's name. This causes Bow to become absent from the party for remainder of the first half of the story, although he can be visited at Township. When he is finally cleared of his thievery charges, Bow rejoins the party. Bow seems to journey with the group primarily due to his deep friendship with Ryu and does not seem directly involved with any of the story elements in the last half of the game.

Bow is more outgoing and energetic than Ryu and enjoys showing off a little, especially when there is an opportunity to impress girls. Despite this, Bow takes his work seriously and proves himself to be strong and resourceful.

Appearance and Personality[]

In addition to his archery skills, Bow is noted to be good with his hands in general. He enjoys hunting and his favorite food is fish cake.[1] He is extremely loyal to his friend and is shown to occasionally lose his head around pretty girls.

In Battle[]

Bow uses a crossbow for his weapon and can equip a decent variety of armor, ranging from robes to heavy armor. He has average stats, but obtains some of the best support and healing spells in the game, making him an ideal group buffer and healer (he is also the only character to learn the potent Cure X spell). Bow's special battle ability is "Shot", where he attempts to critically strike one enemy. The ability has very low accuracy, but guarantees an instant death attack if it connects.

When the right combination of Shamans is joined to Bow, he transforms into an armored knight form. His Shoot ability is faster in the field, and his combat ability changes to "Spray", where he attacks all enemies for low to moderate piercing damage.

Spell list[]

Level Name In-game description Effect AP Cost
2 Cure 1 Recover HP 40 points Restores 40 HP to one ally. 4
3 CurePsn Cures poison Removes Poison, Rotting and Zombie from one ally. 4
6 Def-Up Raises Defense Gives one ally Def-Up condition, increasing Defense by 20%. 5
16 Cure 2 HP recovers 100 points Restores 100 HP to one ally. 7
20 Renew Recover ability 70 percent Has a 70% chance of reviving a party member with 1/4th of their HP. 10
23 Heal Recover bad status Removes Curse, Poison, Sleep, Rotting and Zombie from one ally. 8
26 Def-UpX Def. Increases Gives all allies Def-Up condition, increasing Defense by 20%. 10
30 Cure 4 Recover HP Completely Fully restores all of one ally's HP. 14
33 Cure 3 Recover HP 120 Points Restores 120 HP to all allies. 20
36 RenewX Recover HP and ability Fully revives and restores a party member. 20
40 Cure X Recover HP completely Fully restores all allies' HP 50


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