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BoltX (バルハラー, Baruharaa?, lit. "Valhalla"), also known as Myollnir and Thunderstorm, is a recurring third level Electric-elemental ability in the Breath of Fire series.

Breath of Fire[]

"Bolt LV3. An omnipotent bolt of lightning strikes one enemy."
— Description
"The most powerful causes 400 points of damage."
— Manual description
— Incantation

BoltX costs 30 AP to use. Bleu is the only character to learn it, and does so at level 35. It deals 400 damage to a single enemy, or 600 if they are weak to thunder-based attacks.

Attack Ability {{{description}}}
Target Single
AP cost 30AP
Learned by Bleu
Level learned 35
Enemy use Jade, BlazeX

Breath of Fire II[]

"Thunder iron hammer All"
— Game description

Bolt X costs 30 AP to use and is learned by Katt at level 15, Nina at level 36 and Bleu at level 39. It is also used by the enemies Habaruku, Barubary and Fastman. This incarnation deals damage by a flat 180 damage to all enemies.

Bolt X
Attack Ability {{{description}}}
Target Multi-target
AP cost 30AP
Learned by Katt, Nina, Bleu
Level learned 15 (Katt), 36 (Nina), 39 (Bleu)
Enemy use Habaruku, Barubary, Fastman

Breath of Fire III[]

ElectricIconIII Sprite
"Electric attack vs. one target"
— Game description
"Electric attack on one target"
— Manual description

Myollnir costs 10 AP to use and inflicts electric damage to a single target. It is learned by Rei at level 38 and Nina at level 37, and can also be learned by studying under Deis for 8 levels. Dragon forms with both the Thunder and Eldritch genes, as well as the Super Nina Hybrid form, will give Ryu access to the ability. Myollnir is usable by the enemies Arch Mage, Vile Weed, Elder, Dragon Lord and Myria. It may not be examined.

Attack ability {{{description}}}
Target Single
AP cost 10AP
Learned by Nina, Rei
Level learned 38 (Rei), 37 (Nina)
Enemy use Arch Mage, Vile Weed, Elder, Dragon Lord, Myria

Breath of Fire IV[]

Thunderstorm is a combo ability used when a Wind-elemental ability is combined with a third tier Water-elemental ability. It inflicts damage to all enemies.

Mjolnir also returns as a combo attack and is performed by following Jolt, Lightning or Thunderstorm with Pa Bing'ah. However, it is impossible to perform this combo under normal circumstances, as none of Ryu's dragon forms can use Pa Bing'ah, and Fou-Lu is always alone.

Attack ability {{{description}}}
Target Single

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter[]

Valhalla is a level 3 ability usable by Nina which deals major Electric damage in a large radius around the target. It's equipped on Deluxe Antenna weapon and can be found on level 45 of Kokon Horay.

Lag Valhalla is a level 3 ability which creates a large magic circle which uses Valhalla on the next turn, hence the name. It can be found in a treasure chest in Center 4F.


Valhalla in Norse mythology is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death.