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ディース Diisu (Deece)
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Bleu is a playable character that appears in Breath of Fire II. Bleu is one of the Endless, immortal beings from another dimension. She previously assisted the original Ryu and his party stopping the plans of her sister, the goddess Myria. When Myria resurfaces in Breath of Fire. At one point in the game, she claims to be over 10,000 years old, and she hibernates in Wisdon Temple for hundreds of years at a time. Prior to the game's events, she leaves her temple in order to pose as a student at HomeTown's Magic School. In she reappears in later games under the name Deis.

Role in Breath of Fire II[]

Bleu is the game's hidden playable character, and recruiting her to the party is entirely optional. To have her join your party you must first go to Wisdon south east in the desert region which is accessible by either by whale, the Great Bird, or Township. Once in Wisdon, talk to the Wisps who will speak about Bleu. After leaving Wisdon, Bleu will appear in disguise as one of the students in the lefthand classoom on the second floor of the Magic School. After speaking her, she decides that she's grown bored of the school and will join the party.


Bleu's has the appearance of a blue haired woman with the body of a snake from the waist down, roughly resembling the Naga of Hindu and Buddhist tradition. Throughout the game, several characters comment on her physical beauty and are aware of her reputation as a powerful magician.


Despite her age and reputation as a peerless sorceress, Bleu demonstrates a capricious, and at times self-centered, attitude. When the party visits Wisdon, her bedroom is in disarray and her household spirit laments her irresponsible nature. She makes several attempts to flirt with Ryu.


In battle[]

Bleu joins the party at Level 35 and starts with 199 HP and 182 AP. While the other party members stat growth significantly slows down after reaching Level 60, hers continue to grow at an accelerated rate until Level 99. Consequently, she has the highest natural stats in every area except for Guts. She is a very skilled magic user and focuses on offense-based spells. Her combat special battle skill "Shed" allows her to completely recover her HP and remove negative status conditions, with the consequence of acquiring the Def-Down condition until the end of the battle.

In the field[]

Alongside Bow and Katt, Bleu is one of three characters who can hunt in the game. Her hunting ability is a lightning based spell which immediately kills all of the animals on th screen, with the unfortunately side effect of turning them to charcoal.

In the story[]

Bleu demonstrates the ability to magically transform herself into human form, posing as a nondescript young woman at the Magic School.

Spell list[]

Level Name In-game description Effect AP Cost
Default S.Boom Dancing thunder All Deals 50 Thunder Damage to all enemies. 11
Default Bomb Atmospheric explosion Deals 40 Wind Damage to one enemy. 6
Default Flame Triangle flame pyramid All Deals 60 Fire Damage to all enemies. 12
Default Freeze Freezing snowstorm Single Deals 100 Ice Damage to one enemy. 10
Default Death Death power Single Attempts to instantly kill one enemy. 8
Default Ag-Down Lower the enemy's Agil Inflicts one enemy with Agility-Down, decreasing their Agility by 50%. 5
Default Pwr.Down Lowers the enemy's Off. Inflicts Power Down on one enemy, decreasing their Power by 12.5%. 5
Default Def.Down Lower the enemy's Def Inflicts Def.Down on enemy, decreasing their Defense by 50%. 5
Default Ag-Up Agil. up temporarily Gives one ally Agility-Up, doubling their Agility. NOTE: This spell is bugged and doesn't work as intended. 4
Default Def-Up Raises Defense Gives one ally Def-Up condition, increasing their Defense by 20%. 5
Default Atk-Up Off. up temporarily Gives Attack Up condition to one ally, doubling their Attack. 6
Default Sap Absorbs an enemy's HP Steals 30% of an enemy's HP with a cap of 30 HP. 5
Default Drain Absorb the enemy's AP Steals 30% of an enemy's AP with a cap of 30 AP. 0
Default Exit Escape from a dungeon Escapes from a dungeon 8
Default Warp Warp to a town. Warp to any previously visited town. 8
36 Fireball Flame Storm All Deals 120 Fire Damage to all enemies. 20
37 Hail Ice fang All Deals 100 Ice Damage to all enemies. 17
38 Missile Atmospheric explosion All Deals 150 Wind Damage to all enemies. 26
39 Bolt X Thunder iron hammer All 180 Thunder Damage to all enemies. 30


The character's English name is French for the color "blue." Her Japanese name is Deis, which is also her name in the English translations of Breath of Fire III and IV.



  • Her age, birthday, blood-type, height and weight are all unknown.
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