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ディース Diisu (Deece)
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Bleu is a playable character who appears in the original Breath of Fire. She is a centuries old sorceress — revealed to be a member of the Endless in later games — who recruits herself to the party once its members awaken her in Wisdon.


Bleu is rumored to have fought alongside the unnamed Light Dragon Clan warrior who sealed the Goddess Tyr many years before the story began at the end of the Goddess War, since then she has slept in the mystical wandering city of Wisdon.

Role in Breath of Fire[]

The party seeks her aid when the Empire attempts to use its new weapon against Prima.

Ryu and his party must go find her at Wisdon where they must awaken her. She is guarded by Wisps who challenge Ryu and his friends to fight to see if they are worthy enough for Bleu. Bleu initially helps the party by giving them an egg to hatch a creature that will smash the Dark Dragon Clan's navy, but after a bit of pleading, Bleu agrees to accompany the party.

Bleu is headstrong, flamboyant, and arrogant with a penchant for insulting the other party members. She has been asleep for so long that she has forgotten her powerful ancient magic. Despite her shortcomings, Bleu is a knowledgeable and important ally who helps the party time and again on their journey to stop Zog and the Dark Dragon Clan.


Bleu is a powerful sorceress who learns some of the game's most powerful magic. Despite being a mage, Bleu actually has very good stat growth overall and is not as frail as other party members. She also levels incredibly fast until level 41 and can easily be ten or more levels higher than the rest of the party. Her weapons are largely weak so it is best to keep her in the back row but she also gains access to the useful female only equipment that give her greater defensive options. Due to her powerful magic ability, keeping Bleu equipped with the AngleArmor is highly recommended as her counterspell tends to be incredibly powerful.

Her high level up speed up to level 41 may be gameplay/story integration in her forgetting her skills after a long slumber and gradually remembering them as she resumes battling, or the game's way of ensuring that the player gains as many of her spells as possible before the game ends.

Spell Level AP Cost Description
Exit Starting 20 AP Teleports party out of dungeons. Only works in Dungeons.
Flare Starting 3 AP 20 Fire damage to a single enemy.
Spark Starting 4 AP 25 Electric damage to a single enemy.
Cold Starting 5 AP 30 Ice damage to a single enemy.
3.5 Starting 3 AP 30 Earth damage to all enemies.
Para Starting 10 AP Stops enemy movement for a limited time.
Bomb Starting 5 AP 35 Blast damage to a single enemy.
Sap Starting 1 AP Absorbs a single enemy's HP.
Warp Starting 2 AP Teleports party to any town that has been visited. Only works on World Map.
Rub Starting 20 AP Has a chance to immediately kill a single non-boss enemy.
Flame Starting 6 AP 40 Fire damage to a single enemy.
Fry Starting 10 AP 80 Electric damage to a single enemy.
Frost Starting 9 AP 60 Ice damage to a single enemy.
5.5 Starting 8 AP 50 Quake damage to all enemies.
Boom Starting 11 AP 70 Blast damage to all enemies.
F.Ball 20 9 AP 90 Fire damage to a single enemy.
LStorm 21 11 AP 95 Electric damage to all enemies.
Chill 22 13 AP 100 Ice damage to all enemies.
Flee 23 20 AP Allows the party to escape battle.
9.5 24 15 AP 80 Quake damage to all enemies.
Blast 25 18 AP 110 Blast damage to a single enemy.
Gale 26 24 AP 130 Electric damage to all enemies.
Ice 28 30 AP 150 Ice damage to all enemies.
Char 29 36 AP 180 Fire damage to all enemies.
Nova 30 42 AP 200 damage to all enemies.
IceX 31 48 AP 250 Ice damage to a single enemy.
FireX 32 30 AP 350 Fire damage to a single enemy.
Drain 33 2 AP Absorbs a single enemy's AP.
BoltX 35 30 AP 400 Electric Damage to a single enemy.
NovaX 37 54 AP 300 damage to a single enemy.
Comet 40 75 AP 400 damage to all enemies.


  • The spirits that guard the Goddess Keys seem to know Bleu as the guardian of the Sky Key apologizes to Bleu for failing to protect the key. This may imply that the dungeons that guard the keys were created by Bleu.
  • She is called Deis in the Japanese version just like her later appearances in the series.


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