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やみのまち Yami no Machi (City of Darkness)
D.Tower region

Bleak is a location that appears in the original Breath of Fire. It is a town of thieves where it is perpetually night, due to the effects of the Dark Key, making it a foil to Auria the city of perpetual light and a city of honest trade. It is possible for the party to be robbed while traveling here. The town is also the home of the Thieves Guild.


Bleak is located east of Auria. Due to its proximity to Dark Tower, home of the Dark Key, Bleak is in a state of continual night, and it is in search of the Dark Key that the party travels to the town. After they retrieve the key from the tower, daylight returns to Bleak once more. They learn that one of Bleak's residents, Karn, is capable of helping the party get into Auria. However, Karn is currently at Krypt, and the only way to get there is to have the Icicle. The party obtains it by trading a G.Bar for it with an old man in Bleak.

RPG Chunli

Chun Li

Chun-Li , a character from Capcom's Street Fighter franchise briefly appears if you talk with a magician inside one of the buildings on the left side of town next to the second set of stairs at night. After you pay him the 100 zenny he asks for, he will ask you to look away. Say no twice, then say yes. Chun-Li will then appear doing her lightning kick move.

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