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Black Bass is recurring variety of fish which acts as a recovery item throughout the Breath of Fire series.

Role in Breath of Fire III[]

Black Bass can only be acquired through the fishing minigame. It can be caught at the fising spot northwest of the Plant, as well as the one north of Mt. Levett. Like other fish, it can be used as an item or traded alongside other fish at the Manillo Shops in exchange for various rare items.

Fish Statistics
Average Length 65 cm
Maximum Length 90 cm
Maximum Points 700
Preferred Bait Worm and Fish type
Challenge Level Difficult
Use Restores 80 HP to all party members when used as an item

Role in Breath of Fire IV[]

In this game, the Black Bass can be caught in the fishing spot near Lyp and the spot near Chiqua. It once again features prominently in several of the trading combinations made at Manillo Shops.

Fish Statistics
Cost 250 Zenny
Use Restores 1200 HP to a single party member when used as an item